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Dec 6, 2006
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This is a place to write about some of the funny things our birds do. You know those silly or ingenious things our birds do that make us laugh or smile that the non-bird lovers in our lives don’t seem to understand why we find it so amusing.

Here are some examples

There will be a place to write about these moments at the top of each of the breed forums. So get those stories rolling…. Oh yeah, stories that have pictures always gets a couple extra brownie points.
This is about my little Boukes, probably the gentlest of all the parrots ever, quiet don't bite ever and such little characters.

Anyway, when I'm cleaning the cages out Bucc has to stay in and all the little ones come out, all except for Harley and she will stay put flitting in front of my head, all the time she is getting closer and closer to the door, then as soon as I'm cleaning up the bottom of the cage she makes a quick exit, and looks very proud of herself. While all the others are down the far end of the room, well away from Bucc who by this time is really coming out with some choice words, telling them to get in. Not Harley, she goes and sits on his boing, then on his Java Tree and all the time she is tweeting away very happily. Poor Bucc is really going crazy by this time and I'm sure if he could get out he would do some serious damage to her. Yesterday we had the same thing happen only this time she flew over to his cage sat on the top and was laughing at him.:eek: This happens every day and she is getting braver and braver, but I wish she would be smart instead of Brave.
trevi my alex loves sleeping near my head... i usually take 30 minute naps with her ( i fall asleep on the bed when she is with me :D)
she always waits for me to fall asleep and watches me with 1 eye... once she is sure am sleeping she comes close to my head and rests on my hair and sleeps.... and if i get up in ebtween she kisses me and then watches me again untill i fall asleep.. she loves kissinga nd sometimes tries to remove my teeth in the proces!!! we have a future dentist ;)
My indian ringneck will go "BEEEEEEEEEP!" along with me if i say it loud enough. We have a game where who gets the last BEEEEEP! or word. I gradually get quieter and quieter each time until he dosn't respond because he can't hear me! HA hA
Mishka, my African Grey keeps us in stitches 24/7
When the telephone rings she shouts pick up the phone pick up the phone
hello okay bye bye
When someone knocks on the door she says knock on the door and makes the sound of someone knocking
When the dogs start barking she says doggie woof woof
When calling my son Sean, (he acts deaf) she shouts out his name SEAN, then whistles his whistling tune.
How boring would our lives be without these loving wonderful "HUMANS"
Take care
I could go on and on about what silly things my birdies do, they're such clowns. They always put a smile on my face! Whenever they both hear an unfamiliar noise, they shout, "What was that?" and raise their crests up. Sunshine loves to play peekaboo with your hand, and even sings to your hand (or fabric, too). They like to sing in the water bowl to make it bubble. How on earth did those clowns figure that one out?
The best one I can think of is!

Tinkerbell sitting on eggs in the nest box and Henry sticking his head in the hole and starts with 'What are you doing!' Then carries on in english. To me this is so cute.

Shame I cannot catch him on vid.
hahahahaha my 2 ringnecks sit on top of their cage and flap their wings for aaaages, they were both just doing it and yuffie kept hitting naboo so he went to jump on to the perch and he took off hahahahaha it was soooo funny, they are both clipped but yuffie can still fly lol naboo cant... so he took off and landed on the floor then he started flapping again and jumped then yuffie sorta swooped him and landed on her cage, as she did that naboo was in the air and landed on he's bum again hahahahahahaha SOOOO funny!
My barraband x went to the horse races with me a few weeks back
i had been over taking pics of the Clark of the course horses and the guys were asking me all kinds of questions about him etc
well about ten mins later the jockeys are on their way out to the track
the Clark is leading this jockey and his horse out and points over at me telling the guy
hey check that out
the jockey was so shocked he actually fell off his horse lol

Now that was funny lol

My Alex likes to regurgitate food for me nose
I guess he thinks it's my beak or something
gross but rather funny
i am new to parrot foram i have one male and female indian ring necked thy both were abondoned when thy grew up i realised one is healthy anoter is handicapped the female grew up and wanted amate bur the male is handiapped is one legis broken he doesnt have much feather .The female started to attack and sadly he lost is eyes .with all the handiaps he has not losth is sprit e talks loudly and is full of love .now i got anoter male tinking e will be amate for te female but ifound he has extented beak blind in one eyeh as earing problem he is also scared of people e is alwaysh iding how to make im come out ofh is shell he is with me for 10 days ?usha to
When Gandalf, my Alexandrian, sits on my shoulder, his favorite thing to do is chew up my clothes. Today he went for the zipper on my V-neck sweater, and I outsmarted him by tucking my collar underneath. He gave me this growling sound like a dog but the expression on his face was just like a pouting toddler after his toys are put away! I had to put him on his play stand because he was pouting at me for taking away his favorite chew toy--my collars!
Napoleon or Napoyeeeeen as he calls himself loves the sound of running water, and talks up a storm when I am in the shower and he sits on the towel rack. I'll see peekaboo to him and hide my face. When I don't do it he'll lean over then yank his head back. I've been trying to get him to say "peekaboo!" for months but he isn't interested. Then about a week ago, I took him out of his cage and he leaned over and said "baca baca boo! baca baca boo!" Baca is some weird chicken sound that he made up. It isn't peekaboo but it's close! He was so proud when he said it and I said "good bird!", he stuck his little chest out, and I'm sure if he could smile he would.
Keats, my budgie, loves his bell! It used to hang on a toy with a mirror, but he got his foot stuck in one of the S rings, and I took it apart. The bell now hangs on a simple strand of raffia, which he loves to chew. His favorite game now, though, is ringing the bell...with his foot. He'll take it in his mouth and let go, so that it swings and rings. Then he'll sit on his perch next to it and kick it repeatedly with his foot to make it ring. I always say, "Ding, ding, ding! Good birdie!" It's so funny though when he kicks and kicks for 5-10 minutes without stopping :) He also has a mirror that he can see himself in, and I wonder if he's kicking it to see the birdie in the mirror kick his too. Either way, I'm usually laughing throughout.
Almost every time I vacuumed that blasted phone would ring...I'd be like...UGH! And quick, shut off the vacuume, pick up the phone..."Hello?" to a dial tone. Darn, missed the call...happened quite a few times and I realized I needed a phone with caller ID, so I got one...

Only to discover, I wasn't at all THAT popular.

Silly bird!

(Chaco, a normal gray male 'tiel)

i had an alex who was an absolutely amazing talker, who would call his friend merv the cockateil with 'come on merv, come on merv, good girl" and she would actually do it. he would then praise himself with 'such a good good boy'.... very cute. He would also sit on the windowsill and whenever anyone walked past on the sidewalk he would yell! at them HELLO BOOGER!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? It used to give people a darn big fright haha they would jump about a foot in the air
My cockateil merv is very funny, she is flighted and as im a university student is not too impressed on all the study i do so she flies down onto the desk, positions herself head down bum up for a head scratch and walks along next to my writing hand, pushing her head against my fingers and tries to grab my pen. if i dont give in and scratch her she will try another tactic and will turn the pages of my textbook!!
My eclectus is just a big baby and loves to get into bed for warm cuddles and sleep talks mumbo jumbo while he naps, then he will get up and find anything to put into my coffee cup as ive been teaching him to play 'basketball' with a bottlecap and a cup, and now hes obbssessed! He really is amazing at 6 months it takes him about half an hour to learn a new trick, he learns them faster than i can think them up!
[ame=]YouTube - ‪Ringneck Parrot & Alexandrine Parakeet Food Fight‬‏[/ame]
Not my birds, found this random vid on Youtube, but it really made me giggle! Thought I would share :)
i bought a baby cockertiel spected i was ging to tame him he want ment to be tame but when i got him out of the box he jumped onto my shouder lol
Soap opera

:blue2::greenyellow:When Marie and HJerry get kicked out of their nest box by nest robber.Jerry takes that oppourtunity to venture and he flys off the cage to the floor, Jerry finds a way to get to highest point near anything close to cage and attempts to jump nd fails, and when he fails Marie lets out a *sob, soooob*...*click clack* and during all this the couple are chattering like crazy! (under my supervision)
The best one I can think of is!

Tinkerbell sitting on eggs in the nest box and Henry sticking his head in the hole and starts with 'What are you doing!' Then carries on in english. To me this is so cute.

Shame I cannot catch him on vid.
My parakeet likes typing on my computer especially on my ebooks that I am making but I found she thinks that the big backspace key if funny and deserves to be sat on.... deleted all my work then she hits save....
She also was playing my pokemon game the other day and deleted my saved file and I had almost beat the game! She is still my favorite though.

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