Funny love bird stories


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Jun 13, 2014
Cream, Cookie and Baby, peach faced lovebirds
Two funny Cream stories, both him being a klutz.

First time he decided he was going to fly and land on my glasses. The catch - I happened to place them at the edge of the sofa. He landed - and promptly flipped them over the edge and fell down along with the glasses. His face was absolutely priceless - I was worried at first but he was totally fine.

The second time he was in the bathroom with me. When I take a shower or bath he likes to come in the bathroom and play while I watch him, so I close the toilet lid and make sure he can't fall in anything. He was on the toilet, and there was a toilet roll on the side, right by the sink desk. He decided to try to jump to the sink by going on the toilet roll. Not a good idea. Like a cartoon character he had to keep running just to stay in place. It was hilarious to watch. After about 20 seconds he realized his futility and hopped back onto the toilet seat.


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Jul 29, 2015
Blue lovebird: Turquà
I have created birdie tv. I opened my dresser drawer to get something and my lovebird hopped on the sides of the shelf. He got real excited and started to chirp and run along the sides looking in. He keepis meaning to jump in but he never does. He just sits there leaning in staring at the contents of my drawer trying to find a way to hop in !! He never gets bored of it ¡


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Aug 11, 2015
I have a white lovebird that has grey spots on his neck named Milou
Well, one day, I was in the car, going to the beach, and my lovebird Milou was in his cage in the back. I had Beatles music playing and he was chirping along. At one point he fell asleep, and he "talks" in his sleep. So in the middle of the ride, he was sound asleep and he began wolf-whistling. I began to laugh and he stayed asleep and kept on wolf-whistling. Now ever since he wolf-whistles while asleep.


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Jul 20, 2016
None, at the moment, but in the past we had a peach faced lovebird called Baby, and we currently have 4 chickens
Not the most desirable behaviour ever, but it's funny looking back on it. When we had our lovebird, Baby, his favourite game was to creep along the top of the sofa, and you'd think 'Oh, how lovely! Baby's coming to talk to me!' He'd perch on your shoulder, snuggle into you, and then just screech in your ear. I think he enjoyed the reaction.


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Dec 20, 2016
In my parents house
A cockatiel, a bourke, and three budgies
What I find funny is more of a cute thing. My lovebird Jordan loves to hide in things, but while climbing down off of my shoulder about 5 minutes ago, she noticed a pocket in my shirt. She climbed into the pocket, and stayed there. I almost forgot she was in my pocket. Here's a pic of her in my pocket.


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Apr 19, 2017
hey there,

i have a 6 year old fischer lovebird, she used to be very naughty and adorable. i have so many stories to share about her. like she would grab my pen, her cage - her property- we cant touch, once she flew away and came back after 7 hours. we thought we had lost her.

but here from a month, she vomit daily only in morning and afternoon, flick her head, she is lethargic, ruffle her feathers, some times i find her poop watery with more of a white part and sometimes it is green - dark green.

we have been to vet, giving medicine - domstal for 5 days, but her condition is same. some one told me that she could have diahrrea, i am really worried, what to do. here there is no avain vet near by, i asked a veternary student about the condition - he told to give her gryptol for 1-2 days.

what should i do, she will sit in the corner putting her head down, would sleep in afternoons. at night - it seems like nothing has happened to her.


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Feb 25, 2016
Baby the Peachfaced Lovebird
The Feathered Dragon

Lovebirds didn't become known as 'feathered dragons' for no reason!

My own peachfaced lovebird, known as Baby, or Baby Boo, or R2 Baby Boo (husband's nickname for him referring to the R2D2 whistles he makes), is a perfect example. He is such a bright and funny little character, who loves to be a part of everything.

He loves it when we come and play with his toys with him, ringing the bells and such, and gets so excited and begins chirping and ringing them along with us. Another one of his favorite games is peek-a-boo. We will hide around the corner, pop our head out and make a kissing noise, and then duck back. He chirps excitedly, rings his bells, and also hides behind objects in his cage and then runs back out, playing along with us.

One day I was sitting down sorting a huge pile of change. Baby was so interested in what I was doing, he was running back and forth obsessively in the cage, chirping at me. I decided to let him out. He flies right over to the huge pile of coins and begins picking them up and dropping them, his imitation of what I was doing. He also playfully nipped towards my hands as I tried to continue sorting 'his' coins (very much like a dragon lol!). Then he figured out what I was doing, jumped up and sat on the coin jar, and started to take the coins I held out to him and drop them in the jar. He always surprises me with his intelligence.
This is still one of his favorite games. I was a bit concerned about the toxicity of the coins and made sure that he did not chew on any!

While I was at work over the weekend, my husband was watching TV on my laptop, when suddenly he heard a flutter of wings and here comes baby, mysteriously escaped from his cage. He promptly begins to clean up the pringle crumb mess my husband made (and now he is hooked on pringles, though I don't allow him to have them, he still gets extremely excited when he sees a pringle jar). My husband decided to allow him to hang out, and now calls him his 'little buddy' and likes to have him out with him. Well, I came home to little bird poops on my laptop, but as long as the boys had fun right?

Another time I had let Baby loose in the room. I was drinking coffee at the time. He sat on his cage door and watched for a minute, and then flew over and LANDED ON MY COFFEE CUP! :18: I sent him back away to his cage. As soon as I took another sip, there he came back to sit on my coffee cup! And he tried hard to get a sip! I did not allow him, but of course when my husband wasn't paying attention one day he managed to get a sip, and decided he REALLY likes coffee. Gosh darn it bird! You can't have coffee! lol. Now that I think of it, maybe I'll have to look into whether decaf coffee would be OK...

Ah, I almost forgot. Baby is best friends with our cat as well. He likes to follow her around, tries to sit on her back (which she hates), nips at her tail, and is generally just an extremely annoying little brother. I'm always super careful to supervise any interaction, but he adores her and always does his best to annoy her, whereas she just wants to get away from him. It is funny watching her try to walk out of a room and him flying after her.

Lovebirds really are amazing little critters! I adore them. They are what first got me into birds, and I still think they are one of the best companion parrots you could possibly have.


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Oct 4, 2017
I wouldnt say this is funny. But my heart melted.

I rescued a pair of lovebirds this week. mango and coconut. They love to whistle back when I whistle. And they will go to the side of the cage that im closest. If I open the cage door they will chill on the perch closes to it and watch me, and whistle with me. They're are still skiddish when it comes to touch but they will get close.

Today I was reaching over their cage when I felt something on my thigh. coconut had stuck his head through the bars and was nibbling on me. I backed off, and then got closer, he started nibbling on my dress. Thats been the first time either of them have voluntarily interacted with me. Just made me so happy. I didnt want to leave for work,

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Nov 4, 2017
My sibling pair of lovebirds decided to try and start a family. I nixed this with a nest full of dummy eggs. She took to them and Maybe thought She had enough eggs in her nest. 2 days after I put the nest in, She laid one in her bowling alley, way up at the top of her cage...


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May 11, 2017
Surrey, UK
Rio (Yellow sided conure) sadly no longer with us
My sibling pair of lovebirds decided to try and start a family. I nixed this with a nest full of dummy eggs. She took to them and Maybe thought She had enough eggs in her nest. 2 days after I put the nest in, She laid one in her bowling alley, way up at the top of her cage...

did she at least get a strike?


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Jun 9, 2012
It has been just over six years since I found my first lovebird, Lucky, on my back fence.

I had no idea what to do. I knew she was not safe out there. I wanted to get her back with her family.

She would not get on my hand, or my back.

I kept running back and forth to my house, and the back fence, trying to find stuff she might want to eat. Granola? Nope. Strawberries? Nope. Pine nuts? Nope. Bananas? Finally, something she would eat.

Then it finally dawned on me: she is probably thirsty. It was a scorching hot day. I gave her some water, and she came close enough to put one foot on the rim, and drink.

I got a one of those little folding tables, and put it by the back fence. I stacked boxes on it until it nearly up to the top of the fence, with the top box being open. In the top box, I put water, and banana bits. Then I left, and watched. After a while, Lucky jumped in. I threw a towel over the box, and brought her inside.

We tried to find her owners. We placed ads, we knocked on doors. Finally we decided to keep her. I named her "Lucky" because she was lucky be alive.

We kept her, and loved her, for 3 years, and 4 months. She died in my hand as we tried to comfort her.
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May 9, 2018
lovebird (Tootsie), cockatiel (Yoshi), 3 English budgies (Hugo, Max, and Huckleberry)
Not really a funny story (or an unusual one), but my lovebird just loves being in my shirt. It's torture having tiny bird claws climbing up and down your back :D


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Oct 15, 2018
Penelope & Clementine (Peach-faced Lovebirds); RIP Dewey (Budgie)
I have two Peach-faced Lovie sisters -- Penelope and Clementine. They are currently in a large flight cage that has a divider in the middle because they tend to squabble at times and I don't want to risk another injury to either of them. They do NOT like being separated and tend to let me know every time I approach the cage (which is in my bedroom).

Okay, fast forward to yesterday when I was taking a nap on my bed and I hear this sound coming from the cage that I've never heard before. It sounded like a tin can repeatedly pressed against jail cell bars, if you have ever seen people do that in the old westerns.

Sure enough, it was Penelope doing exactly that on the cage bars with a piece of wood she got from one of her toys. I was dumbfounded! She was using a tool to make a sound that she found exciting!


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Oct 12, 2018
Our 2 Lovebirds learnt how to escape their cage!

Now that doesn't sound that 'funny' on its own, but there's more!

Last summer, both me and my girlfriend went to Austria (we're in the Netherlands) to visit her family for 1 week. In that time, we put Apple and Blueberry (our 2 Lovebirds) in the care of a person we trust with birds. He runs a bird place nearby and has all sorts of birds from pigeons to chickens, a very talkative Crow and of-course multiple parrots of all sizes such as Budgies, Lovebirds, Ring-necks, African Greys, Macaws etc, so we know that they're in good hands.

While with the bird carer, our 2 rascals learnt that if they work together, they could somehow un-clip the food bowl (which was on a swinging door) and have a way out. We don't know how they learnt to do that, or when, but one of them has to hold the clip down, and the other has to push...

So, at some point while they were with the bird guy, they decided that they wanted to go exploring and they escaped their cage - not once, not twice, but three times. It took three times before the bird guy and his staff were were able to see how they did it and stop them (a lot of wire to stop the door from opening).

Our two birds didn't want to escape entirely, they just flew around the room, landed on the other Lovebird cages and I'm sure had some fun saying look who's out.

Also during that time, Blueberry must have befriended an African Grey who was next to their cage, because since then she does a really cute African Grey whistle. (Sometimes we think that she misses her friend and is trying to call him.)

We had a good laugh about it (as did he) but we're still really amazed that they learnt how to do that.


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Jun 19, 2021
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Budgerigar (Bud), Pacific Parrotlet (Sam), Roseicollis lovebird (BJ and Turq), Linneolated parakeet (Charlie and Emma)
Thanks for sharing Nightguest! Amazing!!
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