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Mar 17, 2020
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Hi everybody, I wrote a thread a while ago regarding my 2 months old baby GCC Cookie. Long story short he was sold to me not completely weaned and I was even lied to on the stage his weaning was at. By the time I realised we were all happily stuck at home - gotta love quarantine. Stepped up the formula to twice a day and now he is much happier, and he is even starting to refuse the morning meal by himself. I think I can go back down to formula once a day sometime next week and then wait for him to refuse it completely.
The problem I want to tackle now is that Cookie apparently HATES cage time. I try to take him out of the cage only near his formula meals to encourage him to try seeds and pellet when he gets hungry during the day, and he does eat, but if he could stay out all day he would. When he is sleepy he prefers to just cuddle on my neck or inside my hoodie/shirt/whatever garment I have on.
Every time I have to put him back inside it's a semi-tragedy. He'll try to climb my arm to get out again, or he'll just straight refuse to leave my finger-perch. I'm working on training him to step up on command but I am having difficulties finding a treat to reward him with - I'm going with sunflower seeds because those I can easily stone (is that the English word? Maybe shell-out?) for him if he has difficulties. Any suggestions?
Also, is keeping the cage always on the same place better? I usually keep it in my bedroom at night (because it's darker) and move it to the living room during the day because that's where we spend most of the time and I don't want to make him lonely, but maybe all the activity he sees around just make him want to be free more?
Thank you all for the suggestions you already gave me, this forum is great! Picture of sleepy baby Cookie as thanks


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Dec 28, 2014
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Associate cage with rewards! Into cage? A treat! If there is a slight protest, act like you didn’t notice! If there is a big protest, divert his attention! Start doing more real short cage visits! Into cage, a piece of walnut! 30 seconds later, out he comes!
My JoJo was the same! All little ones want playtime to go on forever!


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What a cutie!! I know it's not nice and treats in the cage is definitely a good idea, but if your guy is still not weaned he would presumably still be in the nest, or at least with his parents a lot of the time. Maybe the cage is just too big and lonely for him at the moment. He'll probably become more independent as he weans thoroughly and want to explore more. Maybe interact with him while he's being out in his cage by cuddling and stroking him in a certain spot or something so he doesn't lose you completely when he's in there?


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May 8, 2017
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Imagine a toddler. Once they get out of the baby stage and develop a mind of their own and the word no they start throwing their weight about. When Syd was little he was a little so and so, very happy doing what he wanted but giving me real hassle when it was time for meals, bed, me to go out. Gradually I laid down the rules and a sort of routine so that he became accustomed to what was happening. I move his cage around a lot to give him different views so it might not be that. It literally might be that you are his flock and he knows what he likes best.
Be firm and consistent and gradually he will fit in and realise that you are mum.

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