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Gemini and the nest box


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Sep 7, 2006
Well, bless him, Gemini is very busy trying to make the best nest box he can for Leo, nibbling away at the opening getting it just right, just when we think he's finished he finds something else to do to it. He's just like a mother hen. I'm pretty sure that if I got him some paint and brush the thing would be painted before we could turn our backs. LOL. Poor Leo cannot get near the box to even check it out, each time she makes her way to it, he's there moving her on. At the moment he seems more taken with the box than with her. The good thing about this is there will be no babies for quite a while, pretty sure she's gonna divorce him and name the box as the reason for the breakdown. LOL She did manage to sit on the perch today but that was because he was eating and had his back to her as soon as he noticed that was it, over he came and made her move. :D I'm sure that it will be just right soon. Either that or there's gonna be nothing left of it.
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Today Gemini decided that he might have finished the home building, so he decided to take a better look. He stuck his head in and was having a great time, whistling and chattering, he must have liked the sound of himself in there as it went on for about an hour. Leo was sitting right there waiting for her turn to see inside but no way, he wasn't going to let her in to enjoy the fun. He went off and had some food and a drink, then back he went again. Each time he went back he went further in until half of him was inside and the other half balanced very uncomfortably on the outside, still whistling and chattering away to himself. Don't know if Leo has been lucky enough to see inside yet, but Gemini seems to love the box, even if it is to play games. LOL.:D He is such a silly little devil.

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