Getting Budgies Out to Play


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Dec 27, 2020
Two budgies hatched September 2020.
I just got my 5-month old budgies a manzanita tree stand that they really enjoy playing on together. The issue is getting one of them out of the cage so he can play with is friend. I am sometimes able to lure him onto an external perch that extends out from the door of the cage. Then I can simply get him to step up before he sneaks back into his cage. But sometimes he won't come out at all. Rather than let him sit in his cage for an entire Saturday, I wait for him to be on the side of the cage, then lower my hand downward to get him to step on my hand. At that point I gently close my thumb over him to keep him from flying away. I slowly remove him and bring him to his friend in the living room. I know you're not supposed to "grab" your bird, but removing him in this manner seems reasonable and my vet approves. The bird doesn't scream or do anything like that. He just lets me take him out. Again, once they are both out of the cage playing, they are as happy as can be.

I would prefer my bird always come out willingly, but I also have heard that a cage bound bird will become even more territorial.

Any thoughts?
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Jul 10, 2015
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Lots of things come to mind. But what floats to the surface is what you WANT and what your Parrot feels COMFORTABLE doing is clearly not the same.

It is very possible that you're 'just getting' may have a fair amount to do with your Parrot not wanting to come out. Feeling more comfortable helps greatly as does bribery with a favored treat.


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Jan 28, 2021
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I have been in the same situation with my budgie whom were also cage bound for a long period of time (and I mean long!), and I have to say you have to let the little guy choose for himself. I know the frustrating feeling of my budgie not wanting to come out willingly but I quickly realized that he lost trust in me every time I tried to trick or force him to go outside, and it made it even more intimidating for him. But through mutual understanding me and my little buddy figured out how to overcome the challenge. Every bird is different but here is the things that worked for me and what I would suggest.

1. Let the cage door stay open for as long as possible so that he notices that he has a choice.

2. Hang some millet or whatever his favorite snack is outside his cage and on play stands to make it more intriguing for him.

3. This is the thing that really did the trick for me and my budgie. Play with him while he is still inside the cage. Do some step-up training and target training or any kind of enjoyable activity that you and your budgie likes to do together while he is inside the cage. Believe me he will want to come out eventually begging for more.

I don't know if you have already tried all of this or most of it but I hope it helps. Cage bound syndrome takes a long time to overcome and you really have to do it at your birds pace, but the most important thing is be consistent and patient. Hope you and your little guy figure out together!

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