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Sep 17, 2022
Hi all,

We are a couple owning a cute IRN named Candy. We got it 1.5 years ago when he was about 3 months old.
Here is his typical day:
As we still mostly work from home, we are with him almost all day long. I work in the same room where his cage is placed. He has a big cage but he only uses it for sleeping. In the morning, I bring him out and start working. We usually have a training session that he loves, then I start working behind my desk and he plays with his toys, my computer, etc. Around noon he goes to the cage for a nap and he wants me to close the door of the cage and leave the room for a couple of hours. I go for lunch and work downstairs for a couple of hours and he starts talking a lot and then falls asleep. At 2-3 I go back to the room, and he comes out, we are together until 8, then he sleeps in his cage until the next day. He does not like to be alone in his room. When he is alone, he will be in his cage. If he feels we are home and it is not sleeping time, he starts screaming a lot. So, we only have 2-3 hours in a day to do whatever he should not be involved in.

Although we try to be with him all the time, there are some times that we need to do something which is dangerous for him, or need to be out for the full day, etc. In these circumstances, Candy will be alone and we do not feel good about it. Also, he is so dependent on us so if one day we travel for some days, he is going to be upset. So, we are now thinking of getting the second IRN. Our goal is that they can be together, have more fun with each other when we are not home, and be a bit less dependent on us so even when we are far for some days they have each other.

My questions are: Are these goals realistic? Is it even a good idea to get the second IRN? We want to get another male, is it a good idea? Do you think we can train them to be in their room (not their cages) when we are not home?

Thanks a lot.

And this is my boy :)


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