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Jul 25, 2016
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golden conure, Katie & Marco
I'm having a very difficult time with my two little honey bunnies, Katie & Marco. Katie is a 13 year old female and Marco 7 year old male. They don't seem to be satisfied with the food I give them and I need help from fellow Golden folks what they like to eat, and then of course what is good for them to eat, and how to balance the two.

I feel like I feed them well:
Assorted seed: sunflower, safflower, etc.
Assorted nuts: psattacios, walnut, almond, etc.
Fruits: apple, banana, watermelon, cantaloup, etc.
Treats: a piece of whatever I'm eating, like Starbucks blueberry muffin, cheese, crackers, etc
Vegetables only rarely cause I'm discourage cause they don't eat it: corn, peas
Vitamin: I pour liquid vitamin in their water when Katie is laying, which is right now!

Over time they have like some things and changed their minds. Right now what they seem to prefer is psattacios, seeds, nutriberries, apples, cheese, and the white part of boiled eggs. Oh, and fruit juice I pour in a bowl and they drink!

Help please! I'm so frustrated - they are driving me crazy with squawking they I believe is communication of their disliking of the feast I present to them every day. I'm so frustrated with them and I recognize the ball is in my court to figure this situation out. Thank you in advance. Oh, and btw, as Golden Conures are most closely related to Macaws and not other Conures, I wonder where I should post questions.


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Oct 27, 2013
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Welcome to the forums! We'd love to see photos of Katie and Marco.

The diet you described doesn't sound bad at all, I would add a lot of veggies and cut down on the fruits. Fresh chop isn't usually a parrots very first choice but it's well worth the effort to keep trying different ways of preparing it until they accept it. Shredded or chopped vegetables with a little quinoa, brown rice or pasta and a small amount of coconut oil is usually tempting enough to get them to taste. Processed foods have a lot of salt and sugar, a bite of muffin or cracker on the rare occasion isn't going to hurt them but there are better choices for snacks. Here's a link to our diet section, there are a lot of great tips and recipes.

Parrot Food, Recipes and Diet - Parrot Forum - Parrot Owner's Community

You can post your threads and questions about Katie and Marco in the Conure forum.


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Nov 18, 2015
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Hi what lovely birds you have. All the more precious for being rare and a highly endangered species.

This really just supports what has already been said -

"Golden Conures in the wild normally feast on a varied diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, and grain. Feeding an equally varied diet consisting of fresh foods like fruits, nuts, berries, and vegetables, along with high quality commercial pellets, will ensure that pet conures receive adequate nutrition".
This might be more agreeable to them?

If they are very busy birds then they will need "quinoa, brown rice or pasta" as Allee said. A little cous cous, and things like wheatberries can also add variety.
As long as you check it is safe/not toxic there are usually things to be found by foraging for foodstuffs.

Hope you will show them off some more?
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