Goodbye Battle


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Sep 14, 2013
Columbus, GA
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Today our flock is one bird smaller. A young autistic boy in our community lost his two cockatiels in a tragic accident. The breeder is a friend of mine, but she only had one young bird on hand to offer the grieving family. I have long thought that Battle might love life more in a home with more people and fewer birds, and offered to let her meet the family. It was love ate first sight on both sides :) she took to him instantly and even gave me attitude when I tried to pick her up to say goodbye later! And the little boy loves her already, is completely enamored by her, and named her Amanda :) it's a family that I trust, and they promised that if they need to find a new home for her for ANY reason she will come back to me, but the nature of the son's attachment makes me secure that this will never happen. I got pictures and hope to post them soon. It's s bittersweet experience, but more sweet than bitter. Battle had a good life here after she was abandoned in the wild by her previous owners, but we were not her perfect fit. In her new home she will likely have near constant attention and snuggles by both children and both adults in the home, and truly all that bird wants in life is to stuff her face and have constant scritches.:grey:

She is a dominant silver white face split pied hen.... If the death of the two cockatiels was a dark cloud, I think she is their dominant silver lining ;)
That's a sweet, heart-warming story. It makes it so worth it — all the worry, time, dedication to their care and rehabilitation, love and attention — when they go to someone who equally deserves a sweet, well-adjusted pet. I'm happy for your Battle and wish her a happy life as Amanda, companion to a special little boy and his family.
What a sweet success story, Dani!
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She is one of those birds that melts your heart. When she walked up to a neighbor of mine while he was washing his motor cycle, she endeared herself to us all. She is fully flighted and 100% Velcro bird! I miss her but honestly think that even though my home was a good home, this home will be better. I'm not a good owner for birds who crave human only interaction and don't enjoy other birds, since my flock is large.

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