Green Cheek 'Sweet Baby'


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Jul 20, 2021
Hello all, I'm new to this forum. The reason I joined was because my significant other has a Green Cheek Conure that I love to pieces, even though it wants to bite me all the time. Of course being bonded to one person is what it is all about and I'm not that person which is sad in itself but okay as I love that little bird!

My significant other called me this morning stating that 'Sweet Baby' went totally bazerk in the middle of the night last night. He was flying all over (large cage) hitting the sides and screaming! Jim (significant other) got up took the bird out to console it from whatever was making it do that and the bird threw up so much stuff white stuff he couldn't believe it!
After throwing up and being cuddled the bird seemed to calm down. We have no idea why this happened. We thought of what the bird ate and the last thing was a little watermelon in the evening. But I don't think the watermelon was the cause. It has also been chewing up a cardboard box that he made for it when it was out of its cage to play in. It also eats or tears up the cardboard. Could that be it? But he has been doing this for over a year now.
If you know of any possibilities, please write back and let me know so I can pass this on.
Thanks from my heart.
Hi! 100%, consult an avian vet! ASAP! It is very possible your little one did suffer from an impacted crop! If so, the vomiting may have saved his life! Toxins in the cardboard is also a real possibility!

FYI, I am not even close to being an expert! But I did stay in a Holiday Inn once!
Some species are susceptible to "night frights" causing confusion and fluttering out of control in the cage. Chewing cardboard can be hazardous but eating shreds very unhealthy. Perhaps you can encourage Sweet Baby to chew soft wood as alternative?

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