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Jan 1, 2012
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Ok. We went tonite and rescued/adopted a two year old female greenwing. Problem is it hasn't lived in a cage just on a perch. Her nails are very overgrown and she was allowed to ride on the previous owners shoulder. Any advice on how to break her of the shoulder riding all the time? Also need to find her a cage asap for bedtime at night.
First things first, Have her Aviary vet checked to clip the nails and wings. Most Macaws like to shoulder ride due to being high up and they feel safe there. If you want to break them of shoulder riding, you have to get your macaw to understand the command and word NO. Train her using this word in a very stern voice, when she stops the action, reward her and say what a good bird she is. let her know that she is behaving in a way thay you expect her to. King cages are the best for the GW or stainless steel. Stay away from bargain cages you see online or cages from asia countries, they are made with powder coating that is not bird safe. King cages are made with baked on powder coating and bird safe. Buy the largest you can find for her. Best of luck Joe
Explain rescue!

A lot of people allow them to ride on shoulders, not me! It can be very dangerous. Like Joe says, you must be stern with them and say no! Lower your arm to L shape and block him from trying to climb. Of course a vet visit is needed to get nails done and health check up.
Hi. The others are correct. I do not recomend it to others but Luna has spent many thosand hours on my shoulder. She pulls my ear for attention and throws my glasses on the floor to vent anger. Its a mater of mutual trust. She knows how much discomfort I will accept and stops at that point. At least while trying to train wear a pair of safty glasses. D.D.
Yep, especially after you have her nails clipped Both of my birds, Senegal and Eclectus are shoulder birds. But when they have their nails clipped, they have a hard time holding on and will slide off. My Eclectus took a dive into a sink full of dish water due to losing his grip on my shoulder. Fortunately there were no sharp objects in the sink at the time.

They will grab for anything with their beaks when they start to slide off like ear lobes.
I dont have Ville on my shoulder anymore do to niping my ear and fighting my glasses. It is dificult to lear a perrot NO to the shoulder when they are use to be there, but they will learn soner or later

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