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Jun 19, 2021
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Hello to all!

I am from Brazil and have been a parrot enthusiast since my early teens. Back then I started having budgies that came to reproduce giving several color mutations and teached me a lot in the process.

Much later, in my middle twenties I adopted a lovebird roseicollis that entered flying into my apartment. It happened to be a normal green female which I paired with a cobalt blue male and produced 4 babies in two clutches. This time I learned how to hand feed them and had some lovely birds for a while. Eventually I had to move from my hometown to work and gave up the lovebirds to a friend.

Now, 20 years later I am back and restarted my bird breeding hobby. This time, things are a bit different as I currently have four species at once. One is a tamed budgie (present for my daughter), a hand raised Pacific parrotlet, a pair of blue roseicollis lovebirds and a pair of linnies (also from the blue series). About the linnies I know nothing and I am having a hard time to learn from them and from the internet. The roseicollis lovebirds are also not making things easier as the female seems to be a little too much picky as she is now on her third offer of male option.

I hope I can learn a lot here and share my experiences too.

One last thing, my user name is a reference to a word we have in portuguese for kite; we can also call them "parrot".



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Aug 21, 2010
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Welcome, thanks for a wonderful introduction. Some of our breeders may have knowledge of your species, feel free to post questions in our Budgie and Parrotlet forums.

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