Hamlet's flying!!!


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Mar 28, 2007
New Hampshire, USA
Hamlet the Sun Conure and Mac the green cheek conure
So, as most of you know, when we got Hamlet he had a very bad clip job. When he would fall, he would really fall to the floor like a stone. It was pretty sad. Mac has a long clip and flies around where ever he wants. He will come to us when called or if on us will fly to get a snack, water, etc. We allow this because we wanted Hamlet to see the flying. We had an idea that he might not have been allowed to fly before he was clipped as a baby :( :(
In the past couple months his wing feathers have begun to molt out and new ones are growing in. He now has about four on each wing. And he can get lift. When he jumps or falls now he will glide and if he starts to flap he can make it somewhere. The problem was that it looks like we were right about him not knowing how to fly. He will get in the air and get this look on his face like oh, **** what am I suppoosed to do now??? and then he will flap like crazy until he gets somewhere and tries to land. This has been happening for a couple weeks. He would never take off on purpose and once in the air he would go aimlessly until we caught him or he bumped into something.
Our kitchen table is right next to the cages so when we are eating the birds play on their cages and it is very nice. Mac will sometimes flap over to say hi and then we put him back cause Hamlet gets jealous. Today, I was eating lunch and heard this loud flapping sound. Looked up and Hamlet is coming clumsily at me! His aim was not great, but I put out my hand and he landed with effort. :) :) :) :) He was so happy with himself. He made little chirps and gave me kisses like "look what I did mom!!" This is the first time he took off on purpose and made it where he wanted to go. I am so proud of my Hammie!!! :D


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Sep 7, 2006
That is great news, he will soon be a really beautiful flier, Once they realise they can do it, then nature seems to take over. :D This is where the fun begins for both the fids and you alike.

Brilliant news. :D


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May 20, 2007
British Columbia, Canada
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He also has to build up his flying muscles. If he was clipped for so long then his muscles wouldn't be strong anymore. More flapping and trying he does the better; this is what my babies are doing and they are getting better everyday they fly around. Jade now goes where he wants, and Tango is close behind.

Good job you!!


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Jan 12, 2007
Alberta, Canada
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Yeah Hamlet!!!! I'm going through the same thing with Popsicle, and can it be very scary at times. Can't wait to see pictures of Hamlet flying!!! :D


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Dec 26, 2006
New Hampshire USA
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14 year-old Green-Cheeked Conure: Mac
We aren't as concerned about his wing muscles because we have been doing what we call "flappies" which, really, is simulated flying .... we let him flap his wings and we move him around the room we were hoping that this exercise would do two things: teach Ham the way around the house and build up his wings ...

Christy is right, right now he is very clumsy in the air ... not nearly as graceful as Mac we will keep you guys posted as things progress ...

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