Happy 1st Hatch Day Fonzie


Jul 30, 2014
Fonzie - White Capped Pionus (male) - Hatched 5/24/14
Betty - Brown Headed Parrot (female) - Hatched 12/15/22
His first Hatch Day 5/24. He got a habanero pepper. He loves them, I hate them because I usually end up burning some where...

Happy H-Day Fonzie! I love his new big boy colors :). He really colored up fast for a Pi at only a year old! Gorgeous.
Happy belated Birthday, Fonzie! :D

STUNNING Pi!!! And LMAO @ what you said about the habanero pepper.
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He still has a few orange feathers on his head. Wondering when they will be gone. I like his baby orange ☺
What a cute name for a cute guy! Glad he enjoyed his spicy birthday treat:)
Happy Belated Birthday, Fonzie! He is a very handsome boy!
Happy Belated Hatch Day Fonzie!!!
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Thanks all! Can't believe how much I love this little guy.
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Good thing he's so cute.... Makes it easier to forget the times I've bled ;-)

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