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Jan 27, 2021
Hi there,
My name is Rade, I'm from Bulgaria, and also I'm new here :D
A few months ago I have ordered a baby harlequin macaw, and I expect her/him in less than a month. I also have a female Alexandrine and a male Indian Ringneck. I have a lot of questions about harlequin macaws, I actually never had any kind of macaw before so, I would like everyone who had/has a harlequin to write any kind of review here. I know that they are very loud birds, but how often are they screeming? Are they aggressive with other birds? etc...


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Nov 22, 2015
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Welcome Rade. please go to our Macaw sub forum and read the stickies at the top of the page. birdman666 is our resident macaw expert, so also read any and all posts by him ( you can search on his screen name). Not much difference beside coloring, from standard macaws to the hybrids.

All Macaws are loud. How loud? When they get going they are equal to the volume of a jet engine on afterburner. How often they get loud is a matter of individual birds
, their environment etc. Some get loud morning and and at sundown. Others get loud at feeding times. It just depends.

Make SURE your baby is fully weaned onto solid foods at least 2 weeks or more, and ideally has fully fledged and learned to fly. Both of these make a great deal of difference in the parrots mental well being as they grow up. Hand feeding baby parrots is not something for the untrained new owner to do, much can go wrong, leading to the death of your baby. Good breeders never sell unweaned babys. Bad breeder will let you take the chances with an unweaned baby, and gets them thier profit much sooner.

Good Luck!


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Jul 10, 2015
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Sadly, the most common reason Macaws are rehomed is they can be too loud for the household and neighbors.

Proper socializing and self-entertainment skills are among the basics that will help greatly.

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