HarleyQuinn update


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Jun 22, 2015
Cheyenne Wy
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Blue and Gold Macaw Harley Quinn (FKA Harvey) Adopted 11/24/2015 @ 15 years old
Harley :blue1: is doing wonderful, she is really becoming a part of the family. She is still a mush mac with me :) We ran into a few biting problems when she was with me and someone came too close. But we have been curbing that behavior, the kids will bring her her favorite treat when she is sitting with me, or on her cage/stand, and she has gotten much better with that. She steps up for my bf but she doesn't like it when he tries to pet her, however she doesn't bite or attack anymore.

My next step is to get her a harness and prepare for warmer weather. She doesn't fly, her wings are clipped with 4 end flight feathers left. She tried to fly once and landed so hard on the ground it scared me. I will let her grow her wings so she can at least soften the landing (and the harness so the Wyoming wind doesn't take her away!). When we got her checked at the vet, we used a kennel for the ride and lets just say that didn't go over very well.

Harley has really taken to her new diet, good pellets, veggie and fruit mash/chop and nuts and a little seed. She loves to 'help' in the kitchen when I am making the bird's dinner. She just started shedding feathers (Davy :green: did the same thing when we brought him home) I think the better food may sending them into a molt.

Anyway, I am so very happy with my fids, and thanks to the support I can get here, on helping them stay happy and healthy.


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Jan 22, 2012
Las Cruces, NM
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Yay! How exciting!! It's always great to hear when adopted babies settle in like they know they are finally home(:) I'd love the day that I can find a rescue and bring home a macaw baby of my own(,: none here though..

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