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Oct 6, 2006
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I was wondering if anyone had any experiences or could reccomend some sort of parrot harness I know they make special ones of various kinds and I also heard someone say they used ferret harnesses.
Anyways we live in a house that has lots of doors and is pretty small so besides my room there is no other safe place for my bird/birds. I thought if I got some sort of harness then my birdy could see other parts of my house without me having to worry about the doors opening. Any thoughts?
I have heard other people say how nice the Fred Bird harness is.

I also use the Aviator harness which is very good.


The thing I like about it is the elastic leash, it stops the bird from being tugged once it reaches the end of the leash. Bucc loves it, and has not been able to escape from this one. :eek: I used to have the Feather Tether, but he hated it, it was too heavy with all those buckles, and I had him outside one wearing this when I noticed that he had managed to open one of the buckles. :eek:

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