Have Become a Worrisome Parent.


Mar 24, 2018
SE Penna.
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Am I becoming too concerned…?

I have had my Conure since he was a baby and now he is almost four years old. I am retired, live alone and spend a lot of my time at home with ”Buddy”.
Obviously during these years I have learned his likes and dislikes and the one important fact is that he (like most birds) prefers company and not to be alone.
When I leave his room he calls out to me as if he’s asking, “Where you going? Are you coming back?” Naturally that is MY interpretation and this leads me to a concern.
If I’m out of his room for awhile, he REALLY starts calling for me. With non-caged pets, they have the option of following you when you leave the room and Buddy does (sometimes) when he is not in his cage.

Since I live alone, I feel bad when I need to leave the house for some hours. As I am gathering up my keys and things (in another room) I can hear Buddy calling out to me.
When I do leave the house, I always put on a radio for him since there is nothing else to keep him company. Getting another bird is out of the question and needless to say I take him with me when I can.

I especially feel bad when I need to leave the house in early afternoon and not come back till about 10:00 pm as this is wayyyy past his bed time where I cover his cage. This doesn’t happen too often and coincidently may happen today.
As you know they get used to their routines which for him is Nite-Nite promptly at 6:30 (his choice) where he gets a treat and partial cage covered.

I feel sad for him when I’m away since he is completely alone. Awhile ago, I used a wi-fi camera to check on him and he usually just sits there.
A couple times, I have left a social gathering a little early to come home. Now I feel I’m becoming a little too obsessed with this concern.
Over The last fifty years, I’ve had dogs where I had to leave them alone while I worked. Never bothered me. But now for Buddy it does. I think the main reason for my concern is that he is in his ”jail” and doesn’t have the freedom another pet would have being able to walk around at least.

Anyone else battling with something similar?
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Nov 22, 2015
Isle of Long, NY
Yellow Shoulder Amazon, Salty
My little amazon, Salty, is bonded to me,but is social with my wife and oldest son. And, while he gets upset when I am not home, especially at night when his training session takes place and I do his normal nite nite routine, they can usually get him to bed without getting nailed. But the next day Salty is shall we say ...cool to me. THey get over it in a day or 2 ( or 3...). As long as I explain the absence before hand, he is not too badly upset. If I don't, its a whole 'nuther matter. I suggest you explain before hand any extended absence to Buddy. Judging by my and others experience with this, it really helps.


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Apr 14, 2015
Amy a Blue Front 'Zon
Jonesy a Goffins 'Too who had to be rehomed :-(

And a Normal Grey Cockatiel named BB who came home with me on 5/20/2016.
Yep I feel your concern! Having had my Amazon for over 31 years it bothers me to leave him..haven't had a vacation in decades lol Now being at that age (65) I'm home more often. Used to drive tractor trailer for work and be on the road for a good part of the week. I'd have my best friend "Joe" who lived less than a minute away come to my house and feed Amy or just sit and watch tv for an hour or so. I actually took Amy for rides as my co-driver when I owned my own rig.
Now the stereo is ALWAYS on. If I'm going out for even 1/2 hour I tell Amy and BB that I'll be back soon and where I'm going. I got BB (cockatiel) when Smokey passes away about 6 years ago and Amy/BB live next door to each other so they always have each other's company.
Both birds are very bonded to me. I take Amy out for adventure's..going to store's, he goes with me to the pet store for supplies EVERYONE loves to take pics of him and he is a big ham,mumbling in Amazon Speak or a couple human word's,mostly HELLO..or the park to fly my drone..the coffee shop for coffee/donut and a plain munchkin for him. He's even been to MY doctor if I had to pick up a perscription...been to the grocery store plenty of times..you get the picture!

BB is like your conure however. Scream's for me if I'm out of his sight. Constantly calls for me..like you said, "Where are you? When you coming back?" At times he'll zoom down the hall looking for me,get's me aggro'd at times.
I have gone out riding my Harley most of the day and it doesn't seem to bother them. I make sure when I get home they both get extra treats and lovin' and out-of-cage time.


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