Have had my cockatiel for over 7 years and she can still be aggressive


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Aug 11, 2021
Over the past couple years, I feel like she’s digressed in her tame ness. She got injured about 2 Christmases ago and she was very sweet after and depended on me and trusted me. Since then she has digressed and is afraid of my hands again and refuses to step up. She’s taken more of a liking to my dad and will step up for him and gets excited every time she even hears his voice. It’s very disheartening for me to watch this because she was close with me but now she only sometimes lets me scratch her and listens when I say “kiss kiss” and “spin” but will hiss and screech at me when I try to get her to step up or scratch her sometimes. Should I give up? I’m leaving for 2 years and she will be in the care with my dad so should I just leave her with my dad for the rest of her life?


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