Haven't moved past step one (taming)


Aug 16, 2021
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Hi! I got my first budgie 3 months ago. She's an unsexed lutino, so I haven't been able to get her a friend. I was planning on spending time with her instead to keep her entertained and from getting depressed. I'm at school most of the day, but somebody is always in the house, so I don't think she's too lonely on her own. She's really smart, and loves to play with her shredding toys, too. However, I haven't been able to tame her in the slightest. I've read a ton of ways to tame a budgie, like putting your hand outside the cage or spending time in the room, etc. However, Sunshine just seems to especially dislike me (which I can understand, because for the first two weeks I had to grab her and move her around a lot as we were travelling). It seems like every time she starts loosening up around me, I make too loud of a noise or do something she doesn't like, and suddenly we're back at square zero. I can't give her treats because she hasn't learned to eat anything other than seeds yet, she's terrified of my hands, and the second I enter the room, she freezes. I just don't really know what to do at this point, because we haven't made any progress at all, and I can't let her out of her cage until she can at least tolerate my hands. Any help? I' trying to respect her boundaries, but I feel like I must be doing something wrong...you know?


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Aug 30, 2021
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Sit near her cage, but not so close you scare her. Then, talk. Hands down, not making eye contact, just a soothing tone of speech, over and over. Do this for a few days or until she is comfortable in your presence. Then, try leaving a small treat in her cage and talk to her as she eats. Next step will be treats offered through the bars. Use millet for this, so you don't need to put your hand very near. Then, open the door and hold the treat in your hand. See if she takes it. If she does, then continue doing that for a little while, and finally, use a treat to entice her onto your hand and out of the cage. The process can take a while, but believe me, it's worth it :)

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