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Hello all!


New member
May 13, 2023
Long Island, NY
Codon (Sun Conure), Amino (Sun Conure), and "Grandmother" of Zsa Zsa (Budgie)
Hi all! I am so glad to be here, among people like myself ("Bird People"). All of the pictures of your feathered friends, fids, and heart birds have brightened up my days :) Here is my long-ish life story:

I have always had birds growing up because my parents were bird people. I was born into a family with a lilac-crowned amazon (who unfortunately was rehomed because I, as a baby, was not his favorite and it was better for both of us). From there, when I was slightly older, we had two budgies who stayed with me until my teenage years. From there, I had two lovebirds who lasted with me until college, along with the YNA my parents adopted from a friend when all the kids were old enough to understand we were not the bird's favorite person (that honor went to my father). That dinosaur still lives on happily at my mother's.

But then I moved out and in with my now-husband into an apartment. With no time, no space, and aspirations of bigger and better, I waited on my bird dreams. My husband was (note: was) not a bird person and didn't want to introduce a loud squawker into the apartment of paper thin walls. So I agreed to wait until we had a house and time. Then we had a kid. So I delayed my bird plans and focused on house plans. Then the pandemic. Then another kid... Long story short, just the last few months I was finally able to talk to my husband and convince him to let me try one bird. Because I missed the little Toddlers of Terror. And I wanted to bring some feathered love back into my heart.

While at work during a rough day, I stopped by the local pet store with no real aim in mind. And I saw him (placeholder gender, haha). A sun conure - my favorite parrot - who was all alone and eating chop. When he saw me, he hopped over and smooshed the chop against the glass to share it, and I was in love. Needless to say, next day I brought him home and named him Codon (because I work in biopharma/molecular biology and am a huge nerd). He fit in right away, though needed to work on some trust and taming. Now he naps in the crook of my neck during meetings.

Not long after, my husband suggested a second bird because he felt that Codon would get more enjoyment out of having a buddy (in a separate cage for now). Since I wanted a second bird too, I agreed to look. And, again, one found us. We went to the pet store to get more litter and another sun conure - this one younger and temporary gender of "she" - took to my daughter. Followed her back and forth. Bobbed. Did tricks. So, lo and behold, now we have Amino (see? Very nerdy).

The third bird came from the PetSmart by work. Stopped into get some new bird toys since Codon and Amino have done good work shredding there and there was a single budgie housed in a large cage on the bottom shelves, shivering and shaking. It looked downright miserable and my heart broke. My daughter has been asking for a parrot (she's 5 and there is no way I was going to do that) but why not start teaching her with a budgie, understanding it really is my responsibility? So... Zsa Zsa joined the group (named after a villain in the Disney+ Masterpiece, Superkitties :p).

So begins the menagerie. Nevermind the two kids (1.5 years and 5 years). Or the two cats (2 year olds). Or the fish (female betta as chosen by 5 y.o.). Love is a welcoming home with lots of heart, right?


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