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Dec 3, 2007
Im Kat aka nailsrglue and I shouldve introduced myself a few days ago when I started posting. I have owned parakeets, a quaker, finches and canaries in the past. I currently have a lovely little lineolated parakeet named Pickles. He's green with black bands. He is not hand tame but will climb up ur shirt onto your shoulder if you let him. He is six years old, got him right after weaning.

I am eagerly anticipating my newest arrival to our flock, a green cheek conure. I have a breeder who has two sets on parents on eggs that may produce turquois or cinnamon turquois babies. I cant wait to see my new blue baby. I have never owned a conure before, so if anyone has any information that would be helpful feel free to give it to me. I have been doing research for weeks on these little guys and the more I know the more I want one.

(I hope pickles doesnt get jealous of the new baby) Unfortunatly pickles has never gotten along with other birds, but squaking at them keeps him quite entertained. I just cant let them meet in person or pickles will attack (no matter the size of the other bird). He even chases my cat!

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