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Apr 15, 2022
2 x lovebirds
Hi all, so about 3 months ago I rehomed 2 lovebirds and I was told they were both male. I went away for a few days 2.5 weeks ago and had someone come in daily to check them feed them and let them out as they have their own room. Well whilst away the person looking after them thought 1 had escaped and I have tried all I could to find him. I was in their room sorting a chest of drawers out I keep in there and it turns out 1 had gotten in the back in the top drawer made a nest and has laid eggs. I do not not when they were laid so don't know when they will hatch. I have candled them and out of the 4 3 are viable from what I can make out. How do I make sure the hen is looked after whilst she is sitting on them and what do I need to do if they hatch? Many thanks

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