Help please I noticed my green winged macaw's feathers are sticking together


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Sep 17, 2021
Minnesota, USA
Eclectus Parrot: Nico (male)
Jenday Conure: Kiwi (female)
I know there’s a lot of information online that a bird will bleed out if a blood feather is broken. It is rather scary the first time anyone experiences this. There are times when my parrot pulls out a blood feather at night, and I am not there to clot it. He is fine, and then there’s just a big scab there. I would still bring your parrot to the vet. They can teach you how to clot feathers quicker, and how to properly wrap your parrot to apply a paste. It’s really good information to have when owning a parrot. That’s how I’ve learned how to handle these types of situations.


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Apr 25, 2020
If my bird broke a blood feather and it was still bleeding, I would support the wing and pull the blood feather out using a pliers.

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