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May 25, 2022
Green cheeked conure
Hi everybody,
I have a Green cheeked conure, he has always flown around downstairs unhindered, but a day ago I left him flying around & went into another room & he usually finds me, but when I returned to the kitchen say a minute or two later he was in the sink in used soapy washing up water & struggling to get out & am sure he went under & swallowed sone of the soapy water.
I quickly pulled him out blew what of could off his face & gently massaged him & blew air into his face & beak & he then sat on the worktop wings out puffing exhausted. I dries him off & kept him with me after this, but Since he has difficulty in flying, wheezes if flying a short distance & crashes where he is exhausted, sneezes after a flight & has been sick twice. He is also very quite which is really & very unlike him & he is also very listless perches with drooped wings & sits in the back of his cage.
His poo was watery & is & has since returned to what appears to be near normal, he is eating & drinking & seems to be a little better, but with only a flash of his normal boisterous self now & then.
We have no specialist avarian vets, only vets who want to take the money for a consultation, which is disappointing, as I have asked if they have experience, no is the general response.
Can anyone please advise & assist as he is a great companion & christ knows I will miss him.
Thanks for any advise in advance....its appreciated.
Rgds, Jay.


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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Landing in the sink with soapy water likely not going to have any mid-to-long term effects. Should consider a fresh water bathe and allowed to dry naturally..

IF, your Tiel did take-in some soapy water, a runny stool should be the only reaction to event.

NOTE: Allowing one's Parrot to Free Roam /Fly includes on-going effort at keeping one's home 'Parrot' safe, which includes allowing sinks to drain and toilets to have their seat covers down just to provide a couple of examples.

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