Hi all :) have a new budgie and looking to learn


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Oct 16, 2021
Seoul, South Korea
Koko (green cheeked cinnamon conure gotcha date 5.18 2020)
Hi peeps. I have a new budgie and (been with me 3 weeks) and i am in love with the little guy. He is very timid and nervous of me but is slowly starting to grow in confidence and has even begun to play with his toys :). He is the sweetest and prettiest bird.

I grew up with budgies as a kid but my family wern't the best owners (sandpaper, no vitamins, no vet check ups etc). Despite this, the birds were really bonded with me. I was responsible for feeding and training and had a book on taming that i pretty much memorised when i was 8. The birds were my best friends and i have such good memories of them.

I am here to re-learn how to care for budgies as some of my taming methods would be outdated now and not good for my birdie. I have joined some groups on Fb as well and have learned a ton on nutrition, cage sizes etc. Really excited to be here and learn some more :)
Thanks for having me!
Welcome to the Forum and I hope you can learn lots of things!

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