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Nov 15, 2013
Pacific Parrotlet - Ella
I live with one feisty Pacific Parrotlet named Ella! Man does she have a lot of spunk! Although Ella and I are not on a 'hands on' basis we are quite close. She rings a bell in the morning to let me know she's awake, then proceeds to share breakfast with me. She loves to do a 'big fly' around the main floor of our home and when she's completed her lap she will land on her window perch chirping excitedly. If I leave the room, Ella won't stop chirping frantically until I return so if I'm going to be in another area of the house for an extended period of time I'll bring her with me.

I try to do most of my work at the kitchen table throughout the day so I can also spend my time interacting with Ella. Sometimes it's hard to get anything done with the distraction of Ella doing acrobats in the background!

Once in a while Ella enjoys perching on my shoulder and will step up if she's in the mood. I know her signs though - usually putting your fingers within a five foot radius of her leads to a nasty bite instead!

Most recently Ella has been suffering a series of strokes. Our vet says this is quite unusual for a parrotlet so young (she is almost 7) and all blood work, x-rays etc. have come back normal. I love my little Goose and am hoping to find some possible information to help ease her symptoms or to possibly explain what is causing these episodes so I can maybe lessen or prevent them all together.
Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your bird having such difficulties. You might have your veterinarian send the radiographs to specialist who might be able to see something your current vet is missing. Good luck with her.
Hi and welcome. The thought of her summoning her "servant" by ringing a bell amused me greatly. :D Hope you get some answers about her health issues.

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