Hi! I adopted an electus and I am trying to find information about her leg band!


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Jun 9, 2021
I am trying to find info about leg band ' AES TX 116'

Good morning. So last month I adopted a female electus from a sanctuary. We know absolutely nothing about her. We don't even know her name. We do know that her owner passed away and she was a self mutilator and a plucker , but now we have a cone on her and she is healing up and is hopefully happy with us. The only thing we have as an identification is her leg band. Her leg band is closed. The Leg band says AES TX 116. I've searched online in Texas but I can't find anything. So maybe someone on here will know who this breeder is. Any information on this will help. Thank you!
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Jul 10, 2015
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Closed ring bands have always indicates that the band had been placed as a chick. Unless your Parrot is very old, nearing 40 years and that it is closed would indicate that a Breeder likely installed it.

Since the US and Canadian Governments stopped importing Parrots the recording of Parrot bands had stopped at near the same time. Today, the bands have little to no meaning other than to the specific Breeder. Long Story Short, no Local or National record of bands.

NOTE: Leg bands can be very dangerous to the Parrot as there always exists the possibility of the band become caught and leg /claw damage occurs. Have an Avian Medical Professional removed the band and allow it to become keep sake.

Have your Electus Microchipped as it is the only method excepted by North America Courts as proof of ownership. Well, at least you will not need a DNA sex test too determine Sex. :D

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