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Feb 24, 2021
Daisy - 5 y/o parakeet
Skye - 4 mo. old parakeet
Hello Community -

I am a relatively new parakeet owner, although I did have a parakeet as a little girl.

My Story in brief - to prevent myself from adopting a new puppy (COVID Crazy) I adopted a couple of keets from my local MSPCA. They were beautiful birds - but older so it was a challenge to tame them, but I did make some progress. Then disaster stuck: the younger blue boy, escaped out into the New England cold in November. Despite efforts to entice him back, he was last seen having joined a flock of sparrows about 4 towns over. The remaining keet is Daisy - 5 years old, retiring, set in her ways and not particularly tame. I hoped to bond closer with her as a single bird but unfortunately she regressed to being even more shy with her husband gone.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago - I finally took the step to get a new budgie - a youngster this time so I could tame him more easily. His name is Skye. He is clipped from the pet shop, and yes he allows me to get him on my finger and my shoulder.

However, his main goal in life is to be near Daisy. Understandable, since he came from a cage of about 15 birds. But while Daisy has helped him learn to eat pellets, she is not being particularly helpful bringing out his bold and playful side.

I am not a retired person, and while I love my budgies I only have so much time to "train". I try to keep Skye out of his cage and with me as much as possible, but if Daisy is in view he will still try to get over to her. As for Daisy; she is *slightly* less fearful now with Skye in the mix.... but still an uphill battle to get her to be active or friendly outside of her cage.

That's where we are right now! I welcome all comments, questions and advice. Thanks friends!


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Jul 11, 2018
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Hello and welcome.

When getting a new bird, it's best if you can keep them in separate rooms for 45 days (quarantine) and then introduce them in a neutral location. They can get weird about their cages, so if one goes on top of the other's cage, that could be dangerous for toes etc.

Just keep in mind that mating etc could be an issue in the future, despite the age gap.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Hard and likely harsh, but if you do not have the time. Why did you bring another bird into this setting? You're going to have to create the time.


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Aug 2, 2018
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hello welcome!! I took on 2 budgies, then I helped rescue an escaped budgie abd kept him when owners weren't found.

I never really tried to train or make freinds, just giving them the best life.

Well after 2 years , and just a few months ago. My little budgie Cloudy decided to make freinds with me!! Soooo awesome!!

My 3 boys are flighted, live free in the house. Used to be trained to go back to cage st night or when needed...then I just stopped making them.

Anyway never give up hope.
Youtube Bird Tricks has target training and other stuff she did with her budgie blue Bell


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Aug 21, 2010
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Welcome aboard, kudos for rescuing your initial two birds. Totally understand your motive for adopting Skye, however it is possible the two birds will bond and merely tolerate you. Don't give up, continue to tame and bond with each and hope they recognize you as equal partner.

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