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Jan 15, 2012
Hello everyone, I have lived here for more than 6 years(moved from Hawaii with 6 birds), it is a great place. I am a small breeder with 3 breeding pairs. My problem is that I have a 2 year old blue and gold that had been bitten/stung by an insect(scorpion, centipede, or spider) on the head when I pulled him from the nestbox @ 3 weeks, an only child. The bit/sting did not heal, I tried topical antibiotics and internal antibiotics, but the wound was very slow healing. He developed fine for a month then I noticed his growth slowing and he did not have a feeding response. He was very slow developing, walking, feather growth, everything. He is now as I said a little over 2 now. BTW his name is Pokey, kind of slow. Pokey has some problems... his eyes do not work together, one works for distance and the other works close up. He has a gimpy leg, it does not work very well, he kind of goes in circles. His disabilities are physical, he is very smart, but cannot eat on his own. I have to cut food in strips and poke them down his throat. He tries to eat on his own, but does not have that swallow thing down. He is just now learning to preen, he cannot stand on one leg and use the other, no balance. He is so sweet and I want to make life better for him. Does anyone have any experience with something like this? Please help....Thanks, Patfrank
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No just general vets and they ask me for advice about birds. The #1 "bird" vet here killed 2 of my babies by stupidity. I am looking for some rehab advice so Pokey can have a long and happy life. He is very slow developing but needs to learn how to eat on his own and to walk and do normal bird stuff. I have handfed over 200 baby parrots.
Hey Pat ,welcome to the forum.He might have developed a staph infection as a result , have you done a good round of Baytril yet ? I realize it's a old wound but you never know.Wish i could be more help.
Hi Pat, I am Alexander Cho from Taiwan, nice to meet you. I have 3 african grey parrots, one green and blue monk each. I will import parrots from overseas, if you
can contact some suppliers from Costa Rica, please inform me. Thank you.

Best Regards.

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Hi Pat,
What part of Costa Rica do you live. I am in Playas del Coco. I have an African Grey with a serious beak problem. Talk Later

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