Hormonal Aggression?


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Dec 26, 2021
Indian Ringneck and Nanday Conure
I have a male Indian Ringneck that I got as a rescue about 1 1/2 years ago. He has been super affectionate with everyone in the family, especially me. He is fully feathered and has loved flying all over the house. 2 months ago, he decided that my Nanday Conure is his soul mate. Since then he no longer leaves the top of his cage where they both sit all day (my Nanday is fully feathered but does not fly). A few weeks ago he started getting angry and attacking my hands when I would go to get my Nanday and put him in his cage for the night. I can no longer put the Ringneck away first as he just flies away from me. It has gotten so bad that I have to wear a jacket and gloves to get my Nanday...and he is terrified of gloves. But now things have escalated even more. Today I was putting things away on the opposite side of the room when my ringneck flew over onto my shoulder. I was so happy as he hasn't done this in months. But when I turned my face towards him, he full on attacked my face, puncturing my lip. I know not to react with anger and I know time outs can be effective, but I can't hardly catch him to put him in time out. I considered no longer letting him be out of his cage to hang out with the Nanday, but that seems cruel and he will just pace and scream. Would love some advice from someone who has dealt with this before. Do I need to put them in separate rooms?


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Aug 2, 2018
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It probably is mate guarding.
For example my female quaker Pikachu is the sweetest bird by disposition, never bites. Except the two times I tried to have her abd her best friend Penny also a female quaker try and share a cage as they are always together. Within a few days of just sharing a cage at night Pikachu started to attack me near their cage, and it escalated to her flying to me to attack me. So I has them go back to their own cages at night, and the behavior stopped within a day! They are out together during the day abd tgst doesn't cause her to behave that way.

For you this is more problematic, as it happens when out together.

If it was me, I would try moving the nsndsys cage to a different place , at least five feet from its current location. I would also move the ring neck cage to be at least 10 feet from the nanday cage. I would re arranged every perch abd toy in both cages. Thus causes them to feel they are in a different territory. I would work on getting the nsbdsy flying so that the ring neck felt less need to protect his freind. Then I would set up a neutral location away from cages for both birds to hang out. I would set aside time to work with the ring neck in a different room out of sight of tge other bird, do a lot of bonding, and foraging games together. Give him a different job than guarding his freind and more mental stimulation. Also setting aside time to work with tge nanday at tge same things but more as Confidence building. Then I would reassess how things are going. It could be that at certain times if tge year as hormones ebb and flow things would be better too. Anyway that's how I would start, before I tried separate rooms. I would put in the extra work and time to see if I could work better. Spending separate time with both, abd also letting them have time together still

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