Hormonal caique advice needed


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May 15, 2020
In 2020, during the lockdown, my 12 yr old caiques had 3 eggs. I learned from this chat room that I shouldn't have been petting them all over, they need 10-12 hrs of sleep, and don't play with them as much. They have had no eggs since May 2020.
Fast forward to the last two weeks. I leave their cage open when I'm home and they usually stay on their cage. For two weeks, the female has been jumping to the ground to find dark places under my furniture. The male is now chasing me around the house, climbing up my leg. He has to be on my shoulder but he is aggressive. So I've been locking them up.
The female is always 180 grams, and now she is 200 grams. In 2020, she laid eggs when she hit 228 grams. I'm not sure if I can still prevent her from laying eggs or if I should just get her a nest box so she has a place to lay if she is already in the process. I have the grate in her cage so she likely can't lay in her cage.
I do have fake eggs to give to her if she lays them. Do I still have a chance for her to not lay eggs?

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