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Jun 8, 2018
double yellow-head amazon...Angel
blue-front amazon...Blue
Angel is in breeding mode all year around... I know right now its normal but the off times she the the mating (dance thing) on the bottom of her cage or on the play perch next to our male BFA. I think it makes him mad cause he starts pecking her on the head kind of violently (is that normal). I DO NOT let them breed..so not sure how to stop her from doing this...cant be healthy for her be always in that state right?

any help would be much appropriated



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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
DYH Amazon
As my good friend noted above, age can be an issue and helps when defining what is adding to the Hormonal State.

First, it is very important that you understand that you have two of the three Amazons Species that are Called; the Hot Three, as they tend to be easy to set into a Hormonal State.

It is not wise to allow your Male BFA be out with your Female DYH Amazon as they will interact /react to each other and especially if one or both Is experiencing a Hormonal Rush. They can cause serious physical damage to each other and the foolish Human that places themself between them.

Although not common, the Parrot could be prone to being Hormonal and as a result display Hormonal traits near continuously. Once again, that is not common. A visit to an Avian Medical Professional is required to be able to confirm. That visit occurs after you have tried the other environmental changes to your home.

A few Hormonal Triggers;
- Hand contact to their back, belly or rump.
- A lack of Sleep in an area that is dark and silent. In a normal year Amazon will vary from 18 to as few as 7 hours of sleep depending on the time of year. That is exampled by the normal length of the during a year.
Todays home is a near 24 hour per day, round the clock with lighting and noise.
- Diet rich in sugar.

Commonly tools to reduce Hormonal Flow:
- Assure long dark and silent sleep for over 12 hours targeting 14 hours.
- Reduce /stop hand contact to the body.
- Look long and hard at your Amazon's Diet.

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