Hostile male green cheek conure


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Aug 2, 2019
Green Cheek Conure
Good morning! Can anyone tell me how to build trust back with a male green cheek conure? Ringo used to love my husband when he was adopted 2 years ago. He was 4 yrs old at that time. Several months ago, he has been chasing and biting my husband. I believe my husband did some things the conure dislike. I have avoiding getting them in the same room, but I need a solution for this problem once and for all. Ringo gets hormonal sometimes, but this goes beyond hormonal. Ringo sees my husband like someone who would hurt him. He is afraid of him.


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Aug 2, 2018
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Hello MyDear ,
Sometimes things happen that cause loss of trust. Its happened 3 times over the 8+ years I've had mine. Once from my terrible attempts at harness training, once when I was using my hand to place between two parrots who disliked each other, and a time I have no idea what caused it. Green cheeks can definitely hold a grudge, and seem to extra sensitive to slights.

But hand feeding treats multiple times a day, going slow and not taking any liberties , really watching and respecting body language. Got us back to trust and cuddling.

Recommendation, hubby starts over. Reintroduce him. Have him go and say hi and just give a treat and walk away several times daily. Be sure he goes to say hello first thing in the morning and give treat , say goodbye when leaving and give treat, always say hello when come home and give a treat. And several other times daily.

You can also act as the bridge . Get your bird in a calm relaxed mood. Then have your bird step from you to your husband immediately back to you abd give a treat. Do 5gsr a few times off and on throughout the day or days. When he is good and dies this without hesitancy. Then you can have him step from you to your husband and he gives the treat , then burd steps back to you for a treat. Repeat many times throughout the day. In addition to him doing the go over and say hi and give treat. When that is going well.

Then do a group date lol. Have bird in a good calm mood, have your movie picked out, set yourselves up on the couch with a plate of treats to share . Strawberries worked wonderfully when I did this with my x boyfriend and my green cheek. We really made her feel special we all shared the Strawberries feeding her and each other. Making kiss noises to each other, and passing her back and forth or letting her hang out and climb between us. That sealed the deal for her and she got over her jealousy of him and adored him .


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When you lose trust, just follow the exact same steps you took to gain your GCC's trust in the first place.
Best and fastest way to gain/regain trust is TREATS. LOTS OF TREATS.
Target training is helpful too.
Be patient. This can be a bit harder than taming the bird the first time.
Let your husband do these things too. Tell him to speak gently to your conure, offer treats, hang out with the bird.
Good luck :)

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