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My cockatiel has been trying to get all my percings, I understand he is only trying to play with them, but I’m worried about the balls falling off ect, I’m always moving him away from them but he keeps coming back, has anyone got any advice on how I can stop this? He’s only been doing it the past few weeks, he’s got plenty of toys so I’m not sure why he’s started doing it, just to add he isn’t hand tamed and only steps up and comes to sit with me if I don’t touch him, he lets me pick him up and move him further away from them, but always comes back, he isn’t vicious just shy


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Aug 2, 2018
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This is common for all parrots. I can't wear jewelry around mine.

Also birds want to preen and remove foreign objects from us. Heaven forbid you have a scab on a cut: they will rip that off in a flash !

Sorry I don't have any good ideas about fixing this


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Aug 30, 2021
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Like Laura said, this is common. I don't wear jewelry around them either. Try providing him with some nice shredding or foraging toys he can play with instead. Keep trying to move him away from them. You can even just hold them or clap your hands over them while he's on you.


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Apr 25, 2020
You could try covering your earrings with a bandaid when your bird is on your shoulder.
i just take my earrings out or don’t let bird on my shoulder. I think the earrings are too shiny and exciting to have much luck training your cockatiel to leave them alone. He will more likely learn to wait until you’ve forgotten about the earrings and then grab them.

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