How long does millet spray last?


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Mar 9, 2012
Virginia, U.S.
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I was digging through a box and found some millet I forgot about. The bag was open and I got it in December!
Still good or do I toss it? ^_^
Between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes, depending on how hungry she is.

Oh, I see what you mean... I'm with Wendy, I'd offer it to any wild birds that might appreciate it.
Millet is a seed and as long as it's kept dry & you do not have any seed moths snacking on it, your millet should be good for at least a year.....just looked at my supply & have 2 packages dated from last October & 3 from this past January.....while I try to serve first in first out, it appears I've been a little remiss, but just opened one of the October packages & none of my guys turned their beak up at it.....think root cellars with potatoes & onions from last year or apples from last year.....when you buy at the grocery store in the off season, some of your fruits & veggies will be last year's crop.....what's the difference ? ? ?

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