How to post your first thread & Posting tips


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Nov 6, 2013
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How to Start Your First Thread

From time to time, members reach out asking how to introduce themselves or post their own threads. So we've decided to put up step by step instructions.

There are two options to start a new thread.

1. At the top of your screen next to the Parrot Forums logo, click the "Forums" option.
- On the right side of this page near the top, click "Post thread".
-This opens up a new window showing all the forums. Click the forum that best suits your thread and click on it.
-You are now at the posting screen. Enter your title, write your post and click "Post Thread".

2. The second way to start a thread is by going straight to the correct forum. From the Forums section click on the forum you want to post in.
-Click the "Post Thread" button. You are now at the posting screen.


Posting Tips

Quoting someone in the same thread:

-1. To quote 1 person, just click Reply and their post will be quoted.
-2. To quote multiple people, click Reply on each person you want to quote.

Quoting someone to post on a different thread:
-1. Click Reply. Go to where their post has been quoted, and click on Preview. It is on the far right of your post box toolbar (it has a magnifying glass). From the Preview screen, copy everything, including their name. Go to the thread where you want to post it and click paste.

**On a phone or tablet, if you click and hold on the person's name in the preview screen it will give you an option to copy all.

*Don't forget to use the like button! There are now several cool emojis you can use, and it is a great way to show appreciation for someone who took the time to post on your thread. It's also a great way to thank people for their useful post in other threads.

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