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May 23, 2018
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I made such list because some hybrids are very rare, new ones are created (the newest hybrid in this list was bred in 2021) and I easily forget their names and confuse which one is which one... I wasn't sure if to keep the list only privately or not but I decided to share it here because some of them are very hard to find and are rarely mentioned in such lists (if ever) - I think I can say that since now it's the longest list available on the Internet

F1 generation

Blue and gold macaw x green winged macaw --> harlequin macaw

Blue and gold x scarlet macaw --> Catalina

Blue and gold x military macaw --> miligold

Blue and gold x Buffon’s macaw --> bluffon’s

Blue-and-gold x red-fronted macaw --> Maui sunset

Blue-and-gold x hyacinth macaw --> Calousha

Green-winged x scarlet --> ruby macaw

Green-winged x military --> Calico

Green winged x Buffon’s --> Buffwing

Scarlet x military --> Shamrock

Scarlet x Buffon’s --> Verde

Scarlet x red-fronted --> Miro (? - I think originally I learnt another name but I couldn't refind it and found this one on a site which has so many mistakes)

Scarlet x hyacinth --> Hyarlet

Blue-throated x military --> Corrientes

Military x Buffon’s --> Miliffon’s

Military x hyacinth --> milicinth

Buffon’s x hyacinth --> Emerald

Blue and gold x severe --> chestgold

Blue and gold x blue-throated --> blueberry/Wagler's gold

blue-throated x scarlet --> sarinde

Green-winged x hyacinth --> hyaptere

red-fronted x severe --> Shneider's

Macaws x conures:
Golden conure x blue-headed macaw --> goldenbleu macaw
Goleden conure x Hahn's macaw --> guaribilis

F2 generation

Harlequin x blue and gold --> harligold macaw

Harlequin x green-winged --> jubilee

Harlequin x scarlet --> tropicana

Harlequin x catalina --> Maui sunrise

Harlequin x Calico --> Bonita

Harlequin x ruby --> quatro

Harlequin x military --> miliquin

Catalina x blue-and-gold --> catablu

Catalina x green-winged --> flame

Catalina x scarlet --> camelot

Catalina x military --> militalina

Catalina x ruby --> rubalina

Catalina x miligold --> milicat

Catalina x shamrock --> shamalina

Catalina x hyacinth --> hyalina

Ruby x blue-and-gold --> Ruby gold

Miligold x green-winged --> camilla

Miligold x scarlet --> Starlight

Calico x green-winged --> Cameo

Shamrock x scarlet -->shamlet

Verde x Blue-and-gold --> aqua blush

Verde x scarlet --> sunburst

Catalina x Buffon's --> cabuff

Calico x Buffon's --> calibuff

Calico x blue-and-gold --> caligold

Catalina x maui sunset --> catalina sunset

Catalina x blue-throated --> cata-throated

Harlequin x hyacinth --> hyaciquine

Harlequin x shamrock --> hardrock

Ruby x Buffon's --> buff-ruby

Ruby x hyacinth --> hyaby / maydan

Shamrock x green-winged --> phoenix

Shamrock x blue and gold --> shamblue

F3 generation

Camelot x scarlet --> Capri macaw

Camelot x harlequin --> Fiesta

Camelot x catalina --> camelina

Camelot x blue-and-gold --> camegold

harligold x scarlet --> sharlegold

Jubilee x Catalina --> jubicat

Flame x blue-and-gold --> flamingold

Harlequin x flame --> fire

F4 generation

Capri x scarlet --> Paleo macaw

F5 generation

Paleo x scarlet --> indio

If you know a hybrid name which isn't mentioned, you can tell and I may add to the list. I know there are more hybrids (eg Miligold x B&G) but they aren't named yet and these won't be included. Also, none of the "Voren's macaws" was included (scarlet x severe or scarlet x yellow-collared)

Note: This post is more just as a trivia. If you want a hybrid, double consider it (I would say - don't breed them. But I don't see anything against rescuing). There are many people against crossbreeding (including me - I found it interesting what has been bred but personally I wouldn't support it). Next generation may be less healthy, the risk increases when you cross less related species/hybrids.
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Nov 22, 2015
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I agree 100%, hybrids are done strictly to produce visually startling specimens, not for any sound species strengthening. Hybrids are rife with medical issues, some of which are not apparent until the parrots is either sick or dying. Rescue, yes, breed on purpose, hell no.


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May 23, 2018
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Today I added some new hybrids to the list. Also, I found two named hybrids with golden conures, so I decided to include them too (one of them was supposed to show that golden conures are closer related to macaws than other conures. Also, I added 1 more generation

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