I am super bored and would love to know what are some of the greatest things your birds have done?


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Oct 21, 2022
alaska usa
Ricochet - Cockatiel
Cricket - Budgie
for me, being an amazing eater! he is willing to try new foods if I make it look yummy!
or him being there for me when no one else was.

or when he helped me through a breakup with a vile guy. the dude was a manipulator, gas lighter, a very... hmm... let's just say creepy guy with few boundaries, a selfish bum, a jealous rat, and he behaved like a child. he even figured out where I lived and would stalk my social media accounts. my 'tiel (and a best friend) helped me build up my self-confidence and made me realize I deserve better (yeah, I would talk to rico and he would just stare at me and just always have that adorably stupid look that all cockatiels have on their faces). I'm still bitter but my bird brings me the most joy in life and gives me a reason to be happy every day. to smile, laugh, and to do activities that I love with him if it's safe (nothing like cooking, painting, or going in the water). he is the reason I'm not so mopey all the time lol

he is also just so great at being adorable <3

adorably dumb birb pic for birb tax


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