I feel horrible.


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Mar 29, 2022
pineapple conure
not a parrot but a oriental white eye(rescued)
In the past month from when I came home from my trip both my birds have died, I feel disgusting but I don’t know what happened, with my first one she died right before I came home and my helper messaged me, I cried for days but yesterday when I was sleeping I woke up and my other bird was dead too, just a day before this my budgie statue which I’ve had for years completely shattered. I feel like nothing is going well and I’ve even started throwing up when I think of them. They were both extremely healthy before they died and I feel like it’s all my fault. I am worried for my health and if I should even be allowed to own a bird, My family is not a lot with cruses and stuff but a lot of bad things have been happening, my dog broke his foot last week. I know some of this wasn’t related but I wanted to share and get it off my chest as I feel it will make at least me feel better.


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Nov 21, 2019
Mr Jingles OWA.....RIP
I'm so sorry for your losses. It will take time for you to come to terms with all this.
Many of us have lost birds in tragic circumstances and know exactly how you feel. You clearly loved your birds and it will take time.
My thoughts are with you .

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