I need help breeding my lovebirds


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Mar 31, 2023
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So, when my female lovebird matured and started getting extremely territorial on her cage(she also laid infertile eggs), i bought her a male lovebird. I put their cages next to each other for weeks and after my female stopped incubating her eggs, i tried to put her into his cage. But it didn't work, she would chase and attack the male so i put her back into her cage. After another infertile egg laying episode finished, they started getting better(i bring them out of their cages daily) i saw them interacting and scratching each other and then they mated twice. But my female wouldn't still let him get close to her cage! She had another egg laying episode and completely ignored or attacked the male... she laid just two and the eggs didn't hatch btw(i always put fake eggs for her to stop her from laying too many eggs).
I'm very confused about what to do with them! Please give me some useful advice.
I'm afraid she'd be alone and keep laying eggs like this...


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Feb 20, 2022
I don't know very much about lovebirds, but I know there's no guarantee two birds will get along. As far as the two of them together, I'd continue keeping them in separate cages for now and maybe even let them out at separate times if they are fighting or if she is attacking him when they're out together.

I haven't had female birds so hopefully someone else will see this and can give you advice for egg laying. I think for most species, trying to limit the things that make them hormonal can help reduce egg laying, but not always.


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Aug 4, 2023
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Hi, the hardest thing about breeding love birds is that you have two options only! 1: raise them up together from baby or 2: free breeding means that if you have many lovebirds you put them together and they chose mates by themselves.

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