I need to re-home my sweet Green cheeked Conure.


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Feb 6, 2023
Green Cheeked Conure.
Peach is a lovely and very friendly and funny almost 2 year old Conure. She can fly on demand for pine nuts and loves to just be on your shoulder. My mom and I share her so she isn’t a one person gal. She isn’t a huge fan of my 9 year old son and occasionally bites him for no reason. She loves snuggling and head scratches and kisses on her beak. Hates sheets of white paper and paper towels. She just wants to hang out with you. We are near Salisbury MD and Ocean City Maryland. Cage is included. Looking for someone to give her a free kind of fun life.


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May 27, 2020
I am so sorry to hear this. Hope (my GcC) gets nippy when she does not have enough interaction. She goes on outing with me (with a halter.. everytime- she is now practicing and exploring her flying ability) and these outings are giving her a bigger world making her a more well rounded bird. I want to take her out your way to see the beaches and horses!

She is still a baby so she does get corrected when needed (she is nippy when we she is not out of her cage and interacted with) she knows gentle and when I first brought her home I had to gently grab her Beak when she'd bite to let her know this is not okay ( small gentle nibbles are allowed).

When guests come over I have them give Hope treats so she associates them with good things.

Wishing you luck finding her a wonderful home!

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