im an idiot. .. (macaw sexuality)


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Apr 11, 2015
Hello everyone. ... my name is michael. ... and I'm a new here. ..... and I'm an idiot.

I work as a clerk at a local pet the fish and aquarium department. ... but as im an early bird I usually arrive at the place first. ... which means I'm the one who gets the bigger birds out of thier night room.... change thier food and water. ... and give them a few snuggles. ...

The snuggles/massages included rubs which I just read were very very wrong. Like the neck. ... wings and "armpits"... back. .. belly. ..I mean I knew too much cuddling could lead to overbonding.... but the parots were only 5 months old. ..I didn't think it would go beyond "that guy is our freind" status. ...

Thing is. .... one of the macaws. ...a seemingly female, which has been having issues from the very start that caused her to mess up her feathers and destroy her tail......took a severe liking to me. .... to the point these days she asks me to come close and demanding hugs. .. rubs. ...kisses and then turns her back on me, lifts her butt, spreads wings and sticks her vent out. ... which I guess is a clear demand for sex? .....until now I would ignore it but keep giving her a Back and neck rub instead. ..which she seemed to like. .. kinda moaning and purrinv and stuff. .... but lately she was getting more aggressive and demanding from me. ... and I notices when I pet her and she turns her back her vent is twitching and what not And she would always try to walk backawrds against me and rub her butt on me. ...
she's still freindly with other people andlet's them handle and pet her...... what's even stranger is that she's just 8 months old now. ..I thought macaws reach sexual maturity at a few years old? .....

so what do I do now?..... a colleague told me she doesn't happily get in or out of the night room unless I'm around. ... and she already had enough issues to be self destructive....I wouldn't want to make her even more mental. .......

Any ideas on how to "break up" with a young macaw in a way that won't break her heart. .... sorry if this post sounds stupid but that's the situation I'm in. .....


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Feb 26, 2013
Clifton Springs Newyork
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Its ok now you know :) Don't terminate your relationship with her [just change it]. Pet foreheads ,bring treats and talk to her :) Good luck

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