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Sep 9, 2021
Double Yellow Headed Amazon, 2 Cockatiels and 2 Budgies
Hello all!
I’m new here, and love this forum. Sorry if this is long it’s just hard to stop writing when the mood strikes.

So, my love of the avian kind, started when my oldest son found a baby dove during a hurricane on our patio next to her drowned parents and sibling. I know what some people say about when you find a baby bird to leave it alone but we couldn’t ignore her cries and leave her helpless without a chance. So we let him take her in and he managed to keep her alive for over a week, feeding her a homemade formula mixture for wild birds he found on a wild bird rescue website while we searched for a rescue that could care for her properly, which was hard at the time because of flooding.

My son has been saying for years that he wanted to be an avian vet. Birds were always the one animal he gravitated to, so it seemed like after proving he could take care of them that we could get him a bird. Little did I know when we brought home our first that I’d love them and become an aspiring crazy bird lady and couldn’t be happier about it! Our feathered members of the family were exactly what we were missing in our lives.

Our flock has since grown. Now we have five birds in total. With the two budgies, two cockatiels and the newest addition to our flock a double yellow headed Amazon. We love them all for their differences and quirks. Each has a special place in the home and our hearts.

I have found so much of the posts on here unbelievably helpful especially when I was stressed with hand feeding one of our cockatiels and then later with the care of our double yellow headed Amazon who was 6 weeks old when we got him and now is , who is 6 months old and my kids call “my bird brother”. I finally I thought it was time to start getting involved in the community here.

I’m so happy to have found an active community of people who share our love of our feathered friends! I can’t wait to meet you all!


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Aug 21, 2010
San Diego, California USA, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy
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RIP Gandalf and Big Bird, you are missed.
Welcome to you and your flock, appreciate the lovely introduction! Respect for using trusted instincts and rescuing the baby dove. Almost certainly saved it's life!!


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Nov 22, 2015
Isle of Long, NY
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Welcome and be welcomed. For your Amazon, make sure to read the two threads at the top of the Amazon sub forum, I Love Amazons, and Amazon Body Language. Both are INVALUEABLE resources for Amazon parronts. Your DYH is very young and will go thru puberty at some point in the near future, and its critical that you understand the changes that will occur. Note - most Amazons are re-homed during that period, as the first flush of hormones flood their little bodies. They can literally loose thier minds. What waits on the other side of puberty is more like what your DYH will be like for the rest of its life. Babies are always cute, friendly and adorable. Adolescents, maybe not so much. Much will depend on how you handle puberty with it. Best advice - read, read and read again!

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