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I'm mad


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Aug 24, 2007
Washington state
1cockatoo Chewy 2 cockatiels Male=eli female-=LittleFoot
I'm sure that I told you that chewy was sick when I got him.
Well the bird storet hat I got Chewy from went and ordered another rb2. That's not surprising and neither is the outcome. They sold another sick bird.
This lady called my friend at another bird store ande told her the symptoms that the birde was going through, and she told her to take the bird to the vets.
The person said no she or he wasn't going ot tak the bird to the vet. I cant' believe it. I am so mad. I took my bird to the vet and it lived. now this person might loose this bird.
It's around the same age that Chewy is supposed to be. So we think that he came from the same breeder. The perosn is going to try and see where they got the bird from. I am so mad. Ican't believe it. It could very easily be the brother or sister of Chewy.
It breaks my heart. IT would break my heart if it was a parrakeet even for it to go through this.
This will sound mean but... tell the other owner that you'll report them if they don't take the bird to the vet. It's illegal to deny an animal medical care. Most owners will do the right thing if they think they're going to get in trouble. What did Chewy have when you got him? It may be the same thing and the lady can just order medication (if that's what helped chewy) off the internet.
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he didn't even get medication....he had to be int he hospital. I dn't know what it is called. They didn't put a name on it for me.
My friend who had birds go through the same thing pumped him full of calcium and stuff like that. And the vet didn't have to do much. But He had to be force fed for awhile. We took him to the university right away when we found out how bad he was.
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