I’m shopping for a new bird cage


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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Thank you for the recommendation good friend!

Cages are one of those important buys that you either love and suffer for evermore once they are in your home.

We have long used birdcages4less.com as our longtime source for Bird Cages as they are near only cages, where everyone else do cages and tons of other stuff! They are a manufacture and sales group and they have good quality and since their staff near only ship cages, they rarely have missing parts!!

Check-out their large cages by searching for Amazon Size Cages. Both your sweetheart and ours are like sized and the same cage for both work well.
- First, you want a full height front door! The smaller the door the more difficult it is for you to clear!! By targeting that door as full height solves many problems, front easy removal of your Parrot, Cleaning and rearranging /adding 'stuff' to the interior.
- Second, assure that your cage choice will pass though your doorways so that you can with easy quickly move the cage out of your home /apartment as quickly as possible. Or, to just clean it outside.
- Third, flat top or dome style top. Yes, the dome tops look nice, but the ones that open are just plain dangerous. I like the flat top as it provides space for a play stand or just space for your Parrot to hangout. Also, it's a great place to leave foot toys, food dish, water dish, etc.
- Fourth, Bar Spacing 'must' be small then the head size of your Parrot. If the bar spacing is large enough for them to place they head between the bars, it comes possible for your Parrot to become stuck and seriously hurt or cause death.
- Fifth, get the largest cage that will fit in your room of choice. Remember the point regarding moving the cage with easy out of the room /home!
- Six, Get extra Bowls /dishs when you buy!! It seems that every couple of years the size change and you are not able to find more then your need them later. We see four sets as a minimum. One set, in the cage an another on top of the cage. One set waiting and the other set in the dishwasher.
- Seven, target perches make from natural wood branches that vary in size and shape. Do NOT Use Dowels for Perches!!

This should get you a solid start!


Jan 23, 2016
Perjo - Female CAG hatch Nov 2015
I agree with all of the above. Need a large cage for a Grey because you need lots of stuff for a Grey. To my knowledge greys are not escapee artists not that they aren’t smart enough to escape I just don’t think they get overly interested in escaping. Having said that the extra hidden swing latch is nice.

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