Indian ring neck won't adjust to us


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May 16, 2021
Good morning everyone hope your all well

I'm seeking advice on our female Indian ring neck parrot

We got her in January off a family member who purchased her from a pet store
His other animals was causing her distress so we decided to help by bringing her into our home
There is more space in our home
And there are no other animals to make her feel uneasy

But we didn't know what to expect so we had to self teach our selfs on how to care for her and also to make her feel she can trust us
At first we knew things would be very unsettling for her and she would be scared
We have done everything possible that we can think of to get close to her and to help train her come away from. Her perch
She as a cage but we don't believe in locking her away so she is free to roam and fly
But she doesn't she sits on the top of her perch on the cage if we go near her she will fly over to the curtain rail till we move away from her cage/perch
She is still scared of us she won't allow us near to her to even try wash her so we made a bath to fit on to her cage
We know some parrots just don't take to their owners but we are at a loss on what else to try we want to see her roam and flying around the home
We can have doors and windows open she won't even attempt to fly off she is so chilled
She hardly ever makes any noises
I'm so worried that maybe we are adding to her distress because she just cannot trust us

Thank you in advance for any advice


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Feb 22, 2021
Indian ringneck and 2 cockatiels
I am not an expert by any means with ringnecks but I did get my guy at about 10 months old from the person who handfed him. He was pretty mellow overall but I kinda just let him come to me and hang when he wanted. He was curious about my cockatiels so we would go visit them together as his cage is in another room. Maybe just sit quietly with her and talk to her, offer her some treats she might like even if you just put them in her food bowl. Mine loves blueberries, nutriberries, popcorn and these odd little bird French fries I found.

Hopefully others will be more help than me but I hope she works out for you guys, they are really neat little birds.


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Feb 6, 2010
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Hello and welcome!

Whereabouts in this wide world are you located?

I want to make sure we understand:

1) are completely unable to handle her, period? You make it sound like you can’t get anywhere near her, period. I want to make sure that is actually the case. If that is NOT the case, can you restate the nature of your interactions/clarify the extent to which you can handle her? Is she hand tame at all?

2) am I understanding this correctly: she is completely flighted around the house and is NEVER in her cage?

3) what HAVE you tried so far?


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Aug 2, 2018
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Welcome to the forum.
IRN are more skittish than most parrots abd can have huge fear of hands.

Read up on target training.

This site has articles you can read, SilverSage is a member here and an ethical breeder and IRN enthusiast
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