Indian Ringneck Wanted


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May 18, 2021
So much joy & happiness to be shared, yet I cannot seem to find a trustworthy breeder. I am a new member, so I am hoping that my fellow members can guide me. Mine is a great home for birds. No children, dogs or cats. The toilet seat cover is always down & no ceiling fans. I have made parakeets, a parrotlet, and even a Timneh Grey a part of my life. My Timneh (Kyrawak) was passed along to my niece because they loved each other so much. My parrotlet who passed away of old age, was truly bonded to me. I have a couple of parakeets, but they are bonded to each other. My birds fly freely about the house, yet return to their cage when tired. I was recently scammed on a Ringneck purchase and would love to hear from legitimate breeders who truly love their birds. Thanx, fellow bird lovers

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