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Is it too young for a 5 month old Crimson Bellied Conure to regurgitate?


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Aug 23, 2015
North Carolina
Penelope Primrose: Crimson bellied conure
Ok so tonight I had gotten stuck in traffic coming home from a wedding and was an hour past the time I usually put my CBC to bed. My mom had shut her lights off earlier but the second she heard me come in through my front door she woke up so I figured since she was up Id go in and check on her since I was gone all day and put her snuggy hut in her cage (she only has it to sleep at night) and cover her cage. The second I turned the lights on she greeted me chirping away and I couldn't even hang the snuggy hut before she was jumping into it. As I finished up my check she popped out of the snuggy hut bobbed her head up and down and spit up a pink zumpreem pellet with a little bit of sticky fluid. She then re-ate it and went to bed shortly after I covered her cage. I immediately panicked when she first did it because she has never done this before but I have heard birds regurgitating for affection. Her poop had been normally and she was acting normal other then the regurgitation. Was at the vet last week for her first annual and she passed with flying colors and her fecal was clean. So my question is can this be an affection regurgitation at 5 months old? If not should I be rushing her to the emergency vets tonight ? Or wait till the morning and see if she acts normally ? Our normal vet isn't open until Monday but they reccomend the ER vets?
Thanks in advance ! :confused::confused:
It's almost always just normal behavior. I think even people get a similar feeling as "I'm so excited I think I'm going to throw up!" so I wouldn't worry about it if she's otherwise healthy.

Regurgitation is often a learned or instinctual behavior from watching and being fed by their parents and a show of affection, which can happen at any age. As long as it doesn't become a chronic thing to where she's losing weight, it's simply a behavior and not an illness of any kind.

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