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May 8, 2018
Uruguay (South America)
Ellie, my 3 years old tornado. Or Amazon parrot ;)
Hii, so I have a 3 yo BFA, bonded to me since I got her as a babe. She is quite mild for an Amazon, not too aggressive or even loud. Spends a lot of her time playing upside down, hanging, or swinging in her cage and outside.

However, lately, when I ask her to step up when she is on top of her cage or still inside it, she grabs my finger with her foot. Then she starts quipping in little phrases (trying to translate from our native Spanish she makes kisses sounds and says its yummy, or says our version of peekaboo). And then she clamps down on my finger. Hard.

She seems to be trying to turn belly up holding my finger in both her beak and foot sometimes, so maybe she's not really trying to hurt me? A sort of beaking? Even though from what I hear that's kinda late for her age?

No injuries so far, doesn't even break the skin, only bruises when it's a bad one, and hurts a lot. I don't know why she does this, I've been reading her body language and nothing really seems out of the ordinary.

(The firm no everyone recommends for this type of cases doesn't really work, she is...stubborn. When she clamps a little and I say no, she lets me go, says 'Ellie' and makes me see stars with that can opener for a mouth that she has)
What is this new behavior supposed to mean? Should I worry she is getting aggressive? Could it be the season, or her reaching maturity? Help pls, hehe.

Anyways, so sorry for the long text. Any advice or ideas are deeply appreciated! Thank you!!


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Jul 10, 2015
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Your girl appears to be growing up! And, as a result could be just pushing the edges like any youngster.

Assure you are using a series of messages of what and why you are asking for a Step-Up. Babies will just follow your lead, as they get older, Amazons want more than you showing up and stating Step-up. They want to be aware of what you want. Although, your girl is a bit young, older Amazons can nap with their eyes open while they are are out in the AmaZone. In those cases, you can easily get nipped or bitten because you 'woke' them.

It is always important to double check if you are using your requests consistently! We Humans can get sloppy with our lack of clarity and tend to assume the Amazon either understands or wants to do something. To the point, there is a differences between 'Would you like to come over here,' and 'We need to go now, Step-Up.' Your pre-request defines those differences.

Welcome to the World, just before they really grow-up!

FYI: Your Question: Could it be the season, or her reaching maturity. Your location (thank-you) would indicate that it would be several months early for her as South America's 'season' would normally start in September. At three years old, she 'could' be getting small rushes of Hormones, but not a full on Hormonal transition, which 'common' starts between 4 and 6 years of age. Double check that she is getting enough sleep and stop feeding any warm mush like foods.
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My thought is that she may be wanting to play with you.

Rolling onto his back while gripping my finger is my Bingo's way of telling me he wants to play.

But if the force of her grip becomes stronger (tight grip) that usually indicates a nasty bite will follow immediately.

I can only tell you what I have experienced my amazons. Your girl sounds like she is giving out very mixed signals.

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