Is this conure diet healthy?


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Jan 19, 2021
Hi all,

previously I wrote a post on weaning my GCC Kiwi. Long story short he’s about 4-5mths and has gone through 2 mths worth of treatment so I acted according to the vet’s instructions and kept him on formula for as long as he wants. He only completely went off formula last week.

I just want to ask everyone’s opinion about his current diet. He’s very picky with the food that I give him. Here’s the list that he gets:

Love them, will eat until he’s full:
1. Corn (although he gets very wet poop after)
2. All kinds of fruits (melons, papayas, apple, pear, dragonfruit etc.)
3. Carrots
4. Cooked lentils

will eat them but will stop after a few bites to ask for his favs:
1. Cooked beans (red, green)
2. Broccoli (he’ll only eat if I’m eating)
3. Cooked millets, oatmeal, quinoa

just a nibble:
Chillis, vegetables

barely any
1. Pellets (his pellets are tiny and he only takes a few bites throughout the day. I’ve tried small medium large size and he only eats the small)
2. Seeds (only sunflower seed peel. Not even the seed itself. Doesnt touch other seeds)
3. Snack bar, millet spray or any form of snacks he doesnt touch at all

I’m trying to give him variety so he gets fed 3-4 times a day and each time I’ll offer 2-3 different types of food. However recently if he doesnt get his favourites he will refuse to eat. Pellets seeds and millet spray are always available in his cage but he rarely eats them.

He’s currently very underweight, hovering between 46-50g. On one end I would hope that he eats more but I dont want to keep giving his favourites and make him even more picky than now. I always try to encourage him to eat pellets whenever I can, sometimes he’ll completely refuse and sometimes he will pick one or two up. I also try to teach him to eat seeds but that has failed miserably.

Would just like to know whether his current diet is lacking in anything and also maybe how to make him have more pellets. thanks for any advice!
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Jul 10, 2015
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Try crushing the pellets and lightly sprinkling it on the wet foods!

You may want to try a wider cross-section of smaller seeds, which there is a vast cross-section available. Millet for example.

If your parrot is stable or loosing weight, bring the formula back based around a couple of time a day.

With different veggies it could be the way it is provided. Sometimes they will be happy if it is sliced, cubed, etc...

No diet is healthy, if your Parrot will not eat it.

Starvation is never good, even if it is self-inflicted.

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